It might be that mobile gaming is no longer a novelty but one thing for sure it’s not lost any of its popularity with over half those people that own a mobile phone use them to find and then play on their favourite games, including online casino games, and this is a huge increase from under 40% back in 2014.

This rise in mobile gaming, especially casino games can be attributed to a few reasons, not least that smartphones are far more affordable than they used to be – you can now by or upgrade you mobile whilst doing your weekly shop, something that would have been unheard of only a few years ago.

Mobile phones are now designed with larger screens, a far cry from those phones of the past where you would need a magnifying glass to see the games, and of course the software has advanced to such a level that games played on your smartphone have superb graphics, audio and video clips which means playing them is now a far more satisfying and immersive experience than ever.

We all lead busy lives and anything that is convenient, that makes our lives run a little more smoothly is always welcomed, being able to play on our favourite game, using our mobile devices whenever and wherever we choose is preferable to many instead of having to wait until we get home from work to enjoy a few minutes gaming.

Another reason that mobile gaming became and has remained to this day one of the most popular ways to enjoy a game or two is the security measures that are now in place, especially at sites where you will be spending some of your own money. New rules and regulations plus more advanced encryption ensure that none of your private details will get into the hands of that criminal element we sadly have to suffer online.

But that pledge of safety and security may still not be enough for some people and if that is you then you might be interested to learn that you can also play for your games at many pay by phone bill casino sites. Using your pay as you go balance, or your monthly contract bill for either your mobile or land line means that there is absolutely no need to give the site your banking details adding another spectacular level of security.

Using your phone bill to fund your account and pay for games is also useful for those people that do not own a credit card or do not have a traditional bank account, and as you are only allowed to use this method of funding for smaller amounts it’s a great way to keep a check on your spending.