How to Wear Pink All-Year Round

Pink is a great color and can be altered to fit every season and occasion. While it can be worn all year round, sometimes people aren’t sure how to incorporate the color into their outfits. Usually, people think that it needs to be all or nothing, but that’s definitely not the case. 

 A great way to subtly add pink into your outfits is through accessories and make it an accent color in your outfit.  Since you can find different shades to wear all year round, see some of our recommendations of how you can wear different shades of pink in different ways. 


  • Pastel: No matter the season, pastel pink will always work. It can be used either as the main piece in your outfit or used in your accessories. It’s great for a few reasons. Really any pastel color can be worn throughout the year because they’re such light shades and don’t overwhelm an outfit. However, they’re wonderful if you want a tiny bit of color in your outfit. They’re also very complimentary towards skin tones, particularly in the fall and winter when people aren’t the tannest. 

Recommendation: Wear larger pastel pink garments (i.e shirts, skirts, jackets) in the fall and winter months. To really tie your outfit together, try pairing your pastels with other muted or earth tones.  


  • Hot/Neon: Neon or hot pinks are tough colors to wear, unless you love wearing bright clothes. You either love it or hate it. Because they’re both such a hit-or-miss color, the best way to incorporate it into your outfit is in accessories. Wearing pink slides or a funky pair of neon earrings is a great way to spice up your outfit. If you do choose to go with a hot pink, make sure the rest of your outfit is toned down, otherwise it could be a bit overwhelming. 

Recommendation: Only wear these bright pinks in the summer months, especially if you’re planning on wearing it as the focal point in your outfit. Otherwise, this could be a fun color to use in accessories for a little pop of color. You don’t have to just stick with bright clothes either. Another fun way to get pink into your outfit is by wearing pink makeup!


  • Off-Pink: Even though this is a broad range of shades of pink, they’re still great colors to wear. These are colors that are on opposite sides of the pink spectrum; some like coral are closer to red, while other shades, like fuschia, are more similar to purple. Regardless, you can still rock these shades all year! These are perfect for doing so because since there is such a wide range of colors in this category, you can always find something to wear. 

Recommendation: Have fun with these colors! Traditionally they’re worn in the spring and summer months, but if incorporated properly, they can be worn at any time. They can make your outfit more fun and flirty. You can absolutely wear any of these shades year round either as an accessory or as the main piece of your outfit.  Similar to the other pinks, when wearing these colors, wear them with basics.