If I were told to define a Thai woman in just a sentence, I’d say “chic, exotic, charming, and absolutely a blast to be with.”


They are just not like other women from other cultures. Beyond their dashing beauty, admirable smile, and fascinating looks, Thai women also have this charm about them, which makes them unique and one of the world’s most sought after women.

Maybe you haven’t noticed before now, but a great percentage of those tourists that visit Thailand yearly are mostly “men.” But have you figured out why? Yes, Thailand has some great tourist destinations that are fascinating enough to attract anyone. But it is the chance to see first-hand a pretty Thai woman and possibly grab a date with her that has driven many into opting for Thailand as their most preferred tourism destination.

But that’s not only the extent to which many folks go to win over a Thai woman’s heart. Many who probably don’t have the time or the opportunity, and who cannot wait until they do, take to social media platforms and other online forums, to shoot their shot with Thai women. Despite staying thousands of leagues away from them, many settle for online dating, hoping that one day they’ll get the chance to finally behold the beauty they’ve admired for so long from a distance.

This then brings us to the question of the day, which is, how can one win a Thai woman’s heart? Is it all based on how attractive or sexy you look as a man? How much cash you’ve got to throw on the line? Or perhaps it is all about the amount of care you’re able to show?

Well, if you are one of those who are still wondering about ways on how you can adjust or change your style so you can successfully attract a Thai woman, read on to discover the tips and tricks we’ve got for you.

Don’t get too concerned about your mistakes

Strange as it may sound, Thai women are as intrigued about foreign men as you are about them. So when you meet them, you really need not bother yourself about making everything perfect. On the first date, it’s normal that you make mistakes, with all the murkiness of a whole new culture to explore and all. As far as language goes, you can expect to get along with a Thai woman pretty well, as the country is one of the few countries in Asia where foreign languages, especially English, are spoken quite well.

First impressions

Want to win over the heart of one of those hot Thai girls you’ve been admiring for long? Go for the Thai Wai instead of a hug when you first meet her. It is really not the Thai way hugging people around, but when you throw the bowing gesture of the Wai at her, you’re surely going to blow her mind away, while also leaving a positive impression about yourself. Like we mentioned in our first Thai girl dating tip above, you need not worry about making mistakes, and that includes getting the Wai wrong too. The fact that you’ve tried to learn and approach her with it is enough to leave her fascinated by you.

Your hygiene

Call them hygiene-freaks, but every Thai woman has been raised to judge a book by its cover. What does that mean? Some may wonder. Well, it means Thai women judge you based on the first impression of you that they have. So if you appear on your first date looking scruffy, then you’ve definitely scored yourself some pretty bad points.

Always try to be a perfect gentleman

It is the way of the Thai women to feel elated and appreciated every time a handsome gentleman bends down to pick up their fallen tab or item for them. As their culture also focuses a lot on tradition, you’ll score yourself some good points by staying polite and courteous. Additionally, you can even try to buy a small but thoughtful gift for her when meeting her for the first time.

Avoid public displays of affection

While other countries and cultures really have little or no problem with publicly showing their affections, a Thai woman is bound to feel offended and ridiculed when you try to kiss or touch them affectionately in public. Not because she doesn’t like you, but it’s just the way she’s raised.

Be respectful of the Thai culture

Besides your attempts at making her feel like the best woman in the world, you can do more by showing her that you love and respect what she stands for. It is not an overstatement to say that the Thais are quite religious and have some pretty deep spiritual beliefs too.

Tell her to invite a friend

I know in the Western community, a date is supposed to be between yourself and the said-girl. But here in Thailand, there is a need to ask your date to bring a friend or friends along. Whether or not you ask her to, a friend is likely going to tag along anyway (as a chaperone or for safety reasons), but when you’re the one suggesting it, she’ll surely be marveled by you. While this might seem strange to you at first, you should understand that it is a true reflection of the Thai culture. One of the many things that make up a man in Thailand’s value is his ability to provide for and spend for his woman (including her friends and family). So when they finally arrive, try to show a lot of goodwill towards the friend too. The chances are that when you do, she will most likely say a lot of interesting things about you, many of which your date might have failed to notice, to her friend once they return to their place. So you see, this is a win-win move for you!