Importance of PPE Inventory management

COVID-19 has impacted the entire globe. It has succumbed masses irrespective of their social standards and lifestyle. In this pandemic, our only true saviors are doctors. They risk their lives to safeguard others. And the ones that need utmost protection are the doctors.

So there is a high demand for medical supplies to protect them. An increase in demand has created a need to maintain and track the equipment supplies consistently. This is where a PPE Inventory comes into the picture.

A PPE is an abbreviation of Personal Protective Equipment that prevents a person from any hazardous disease. Surgical gloves, face masks, coveralls, respirators are some of the examples of PPE.

PPE’s are categorized from lowest to highest based on the protection level. Due to the unexpected outbreak of COVID, all the PPE’s irrespective of the level of protection is in high demand.

To combat this demand and to ensure that every medical personnel is equipped with adequate PPE’s, it is essential to maintain a PPE Inventory so that it becomes easier to track things.


Why is PPE Inventory necessary?

COVID has increased the demand for PPE’s all over the world. With around 3 million cases around the world, it is believed that the exponential increase in the numbers is not going to halt or slow down anytime soon.

The only way to control the cases is with the vaccine. But, we know it is going to take at least a year for the vaccine to reach the public. Without consistent PPE supplies, it is hard to get through this situation. Doctors and nurses are the most vulnerable to the disease. They need to be protected!

PPE’s are the need of the hour. But, the supply of the equipment is unable to meet the increasing demand. This shortage has forced the governments to spend big to buy PPE’s from multiple sources including 3D prints – a substitute to the original PPE’s.

Without a proper PPE Inventory system, it is hard to keep track of the resources coming in and the distribution of the equipment. Having a tracking system will keep track of the number of equipment, the distributed number along with the details of the distribution area, and also a tracking system that will help in restocking at the right time.


How does PPE Inventory management work?

Medical PPE’s require extra maintenance compared to other inventories. A PPE inventory follows a basic structure that ensures high safety and maintenance. Below steps are followed for a Medical PPE Inventory


Determine hazards

The first step for a PPE program is to locate the hazards (hazards may include exposure to patients, chemicals, and high-risk environments)  that a medical team faces daily.

Now, the PPE is chosen depending upon the hazard level. For instance, a doctor who is working in the COVID ward would need a different type of coverall when compared to a doctor who is exposed to high-risk hazardous chemicals.

This type of choosing the PPE will assist in buying the right equipment you need. You also won’t take away other healthcare professional’s demands.


Testing the compatibility

It is important to know if the particular PPE is adhering to the standards. There are certain standards set by the CDC to check the compatibility of the PPE’s. Once this is met, then you can be certain that the PPE’s are comfortable to wear.

You should also ensure that the PPE is safe enough and it protects you from the acclaimed hazards. No worries, all the equipment testing is done when checking the CDC standards.


Source rightly

It is important to source PPE’s from the right firm. Do not compromise on the quality of the medical equipment just for the sake of saving money because it is a matter of life and death.

While buying PPE’s, always check the track record of the firm and the quality and the grade of equipment they provide.

In the medical industry, it is common to buy second-hand equipment due to the high cost of a brand new one. So when buying a second-hand PPE make sure that you get it from a credible seller.

Always go with the known source that is recommended by many. Sourcing from the unknown is a risky job to do.



After sourcing PPE, you should now concentrate on storing it. Storing the PPE rightly is very crucial. You should follow the industry guidelines (away from sunlight, hazardous environment, and contaminants) to prevent any damage to the PPE.

Also, make sure to organize the PPE extremely well so that it is easier for you or your medical counterparts to locate the right PPE and use them right away without any delays.