Company Drug Testing – 3 Tricks Companies Now Use That You Don’t Know About

Company drug testing is not unusual. Many businesses, regardless of the size, opt for random drug testing to ensure their employees don’t use illicit substances. Company drug testing also allows employers to comply with state or federal laws, benefit from Workers’ Compensation Premium Discount programs, protect the general public and instill consumer confidence that employees are working safely, among other things. Every business has a specific policy about drug testing and employees need to know all about it. For that purpose, they carry out workshops and other similar programs where employees can learn about their drug testing policy and other important info on this subject. However, there’s still you need to know about company drug testing tricks and this post is going to tell you all about them.

1.    Mandatory drug testing policy

Establishing a mandatory drug testing policy is the most important practice companies use to take their drug testing programs to a new level. Before requiring employees to take drug tests a business needs to have some ground rules they can follow. A common mistake some companies make is to just “wing it” but it’s harmful to both the business and employees. Leaving employees in the dark about drug testing is unethical and creates a sense of insecurity in the workplace. This is especially the case when a person takes prescription medications such as painkillers to manage their health problem.

Therefore, a company needs to start with a comprehensive guide with policies regarding drug testing, terms, drug testing procedures, timings, goals of the testing, and team members responsible for it. The policy needs to be precise, specific, coherent, and transparent. Employees should be able to understand everything immediately. That’s why the drug testing policy should not be ambiguous.

2.    Deciding when and who to test

We don’t really pay that much attention to company drug testing in general and just assume every business has the same policy. Not true! You see, every company has its own policy for drug testing. Some companies require pre-employment drug screening only. In this case, a potential candidate has to take the drug test. Should he or she test positive for some substance, the chances are high the company won’t proceed to hire that person. These kinds of drug tests are urgent. You apply for the job, get the interview, and suddenly they call you to say they’re considering hiring you, and provide information about a drug test. So if you’re a recreational marijuana user this is a major source for concern because you want the job and can’t afford to test positive. At that point, you want to read as much as possible about how to beat a drug test so you can get hired.

Besides pre-employment tests, a certain company may require drug testing occasionally. This is done to ensure the current employees don’t use illicit substances. In most cases, these tests aren’t announced. The fairness of this kind of testing is debatable. Advocates claim it is necessary while others describe them as invasive and unethical.

The businesses may require random drug testing when they notice signs of potential drug use in their employees. These signs may include unexplained absenteeism from work, decreased productivity, failing to meet deadlines, being late to work regularly. An employee who uses drugs or other illicit substances may also have notable speech changes such as slurring and incoherence. They also display behavioral changes and mood swings. These signs may be cause for concern. For that reason, in order to establish a safe and productive working environment, a company may decide to require employees to do random drug tests.

Testing isn’t the whole store and this is where companies make mistakes. A positive result isn’t an indicator of a bad heavier. Addiction to drugs and alcohol, for example, is a serious problem that requires a proper approach for successful treatment. That employee needs support and understanding, to feel encouraged to get on the road to recovery.

Also, companies need to adopt more flexible mechanisms when dealing with positive results even when occasional use is involved. This is especially the case in situations when occasional use of substances like marijuana doesn’t pose a threat to the employee’s productivity.

3.     Thorough documentation

A company drug testing policy is important for a stable working environment. In other words, having a specific policy is crucial. Employees shouldn’t be left in the dark or faced with constant changes. However, the policy may require updates from now and then. That’s why the companies document everything. They keep track of all drug screenings, results, dates, and even whether an employee tried to tamper with the sample. Not only does the documentation help the company to improve drug testing policy, but it also serves as evidence material should an employee ever file a lawsuit.

Bottom line

Company drug testing has been around for quite some time. Drug screenings at work have become a subject of many debates. However, at this point, they are a reality for many businesses. The whole process is based on three tricks where a company develops its drug policy, determines who and when to test, and documents everything. This policy isn’t set in stone and a company may modify it to ensure it’s more flexible. It all comes down to the needs of a specific business. That’s why different companies may have different rules and policies regarding drug testing.