Often we strive to create the best possible home environment for our families, an often forgot about the bedroom. A good night’s rest is essential for the body. Sleep truly rejuvenates every cell of the body, as suggested by some Feng Shui practitioners. However, this might not be possible if you sleep on a crappy mattress. So here are some of the things that could improve your sleep, make your room look cool, and improve on the feng shui of your home

The most affordable and easily available is of course cotton. Linen, hemp, modal and even silk bed linens are all eco-friendly and good for you too. Natural blankets and pillows are abundant and come from a variety of sources including feathers, down, cotton and wool. Quilts and comforters come in several natural options as well including cotton, wool, down, silk and hemp.

As for mattresses, there are three types of construction: innerspring, foam, or stuffed- with innards made from synthetics, cotton, wool, hemp, or latex rubber.

So many choices can leave any consumer feeling a bit overwhelmed. Don’t despair. Grab some tea, take a deep breath and remember these top tips when shopping:


Don’t forget the organic cotton

Doubtlessly at some part of your new bed/bedding, the set will be made of cotton. Always ensure that your cotton is organic.


No Added Formaldehyde

A serious health concern when addressing bed linens is formaldehyde. This chemical is often used to provide wrinkle resistance in many fabrics. However, in high concentrations, it can be dangerous to your health. So always read the information before making a purchase.

Synthetic bedding is generally less breathable than natural products. Many people find this much less comfortable.



When it comes to buying a bed, mattress, closet or a drawer what puts us off is usually the price. Truth be told, you get what you pay for comfort and luxury does come at a price. However, most websites often provide discounts for these types of things. Just make sure you buy more than one item.

While the bedroom makeover may take a bit of work, a bit of cash and a healthy dose of patience, the benefits of these investments are plentiful. A natural bed and a mattress are healthier for your body. It also allows for better airflow which in turn allows you to sleep better. While the total investment is a bit high, it is possible to do so gradually. Some other natural home improvements do not offer this option. Natural fibers are completely renewable and if they are organic, they spare the environment future torment. So make a purchase so that you sleep better.