Traditional oilcloth is a fabric, most often canvas fabric, painted with oil-based paints, to create a slick surface and sleek appearance. Oilcloths are manufactured using vinyl material rather than oil painted canvas to achieve its slick surface. The vinyl is adhered to an under-layer of woven cotton mesh material, to strengthen the oilcloth, lengthen its usable life, and to protect the tabletop or other flat surfaces on which the oilcloth is used.

Oilcloth is found in common usage within a number of industries today, but it is still most often the material of choice for tablecloths and other table protectors. Vinyl table cloths, table runners, and placemats are among the many styles of oilcloth table protectors available.

The benefits and ease of use of oilcloth and vinyl tablecloths are what makes them so popular. Oilcloth is resistant to stains and is waterproof, preventing liquids from seeping through the table protector and damaging the table itself as can occur with other standard fabric table coverings.

Cleaning an oilcloth is easy, with a warm moist dishcloth or sponge used to wipe the cloth clean. The oilcloth should then be wiped dry with a soft towel or cloth, especially if you’re planning to fold up and store the oil tablecloth (transparant tafelzeil) for use at another time. Remaining moisture on the surface of an oilcloth upon storage can promote the growth of mold and mildew which may lead to other problems as well as allowing damage to occur to the oilcloth itself.

Oilcloth is versatile and easy to store, as it isn’t a bulky material. With the number of patterns, colors and styles available today, many people enjoy owning multiple transparent oil tablecloths (transparant tafelzeil) for use throughout the year, including ones specific to particular holidays and family gatherings.

Oilcloth can be rolled or folded for storage. If stored in a folded manner, apparent creases will be present in the oilcloth when unfolded. These creases are easy enough to take care of by using an iron on the steam heat setting, though it’s important to use a thin ironing cloth between the iron and the vinyl to prevent melting or damage to the transparent oilcloth table covering (transparant tafelzeil).

Clearly, from a protective and durability standpoint transparent oilcloths are better than conventional fabric tablecloths. Also with advances in laser printing technology, a myriad of designs are being made. So whatever your preference you will surely find it.

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