Whenever you create a website for your business, it should have the ability to leave a great impression on the users. The impression can be good or bad depending on how you design your website. Is the website, user friendly or not? your website acts as a power tool. It is generating your sales 24/7.

If you have a current website and you are not following the current digital marketing trends, then your website is considered as outdated. Improving your web design might be costly for you. You would have to hire someone and invest your time and money.

But, don’t worry. I will be telling you some tips on how you can improve your website to increase and attract your customers! Let’s start.


Before you think about creating a website, make sure that you have a crystal clear idea about what your brand is, what you’re selling and what is your target audience. If you have a clear understanding about all of these things, it will be easy for you to flourish your business.

Creating a user friendly web design is difficult if you don’t know about your company’s main mission. You need to look deeper such as those locations from which customers come from. Or the type of device they use when they are visiting your site. Once you have the idea about your customers, look into how other companies are targeting their audience.

Look into reasons on why people are attracted to their companies. What strategies they are using. Once you have an overall idea about all these things, you can provide the best customer support.



Users always have a sense of preconditioned navigation especially when it comes to visiting various Websites. But, if your navigation is not right and to the point, then the customers might leave your website. It almost takes five to ten seconds to attract the customers.

If you are unable to do so then the customers might get bored and leave your website. In order to gain their attention, you need to have an intuitive layout, which the other sites use as well to allow visitors to see where key features are and makes your site easy to use and more accessible.

People are conditioned to see the same type of lay out. And the first thing they will do is that they would look for the area where your features are located such as your home button.

Navigation plays a major role in attracting your customers as it forms the entire architecture of your website. To gain the attention of your customers, you need to look in to your internal analytics of your website to see where the customers land when they reach your website.


Current Trends

In order to make your website reach a good customer engagement, you need to stay updated on latest trend. This will be a very important part of designing your website. If you know about the latest trends, it will be easy for you to target your specific audience.

The customers want you to understand their vision. What they want from a brand and they want companies to focus on that. If you follow the latest trends, it will be easy for you to identify the problems users are facing and fix it.

To follow the latest trends, browse on social media and also read blogs related to it. They will update you on the latest trends and what problems people are facing.



The layout of your website is very important if you want to attract the users. To make your layout better, you need to cut down extra things for the users to have the best experience whenever they visit your website.

If your website is messy and has a lot of unnecessary things, then the users might face difficulty in navigating it. They will get bored and confused and they will eventually leave the website. For a better lay out, you need to understand the balance between the positive and negative space so that there is enough space on your web page to show what is available.

In order to do so, use whitespace to highlight the important products and information. If you have a new product and you need to highlight it, then you can use negative space.

Your main focus should be on two elements, both in terms of design and content. Highlight the products and information and remove anything which you feel like is extra.


Call to Action

Call to action option is very important. You need to have it when you are designing so that if users have any problem, they are able to contact regarding their issue.

You need to determine the one action you are optimizing for such as contact us for further information.

Once you know which call to action you want users to take, implement it and try it out. Try other options as well to see what fits the best.

White Space

Using white space is important when it comes to creating a user friendly web design. It is essential for making a good design. White space makes your content more visible and also attracts the user on the elements surrounding the text.

Another good thing about using white space is that it makes your website look new, fresh and updated. And if your website looks new and fresh, then the chances of getting customers is greater.

White space allows the user to focus on that one thing which you want your customer to focus on.

Rather than hiring someone and investing your time and money to redesign your website, keep these points in your mind when you are creating your website in the first place so that you wouldn’t have to redesign your website.

If you do so, you will be able to attract more audience, sell your products easily, your website will look new, fresh and up to date and your business will surely be successful!