Website performance is one of the most important things when it comes to running a business website, online store or even a blog. It is due to website performance that people choose a website over another. People are always in a hurry and that is why they only prefer to visit website which have a fast performance.

If your business website, online store or even a blog are running slow then you could be losing many visitors. A website is also ranked on the basis of its speed. Search engines like Google rate websites which perform faster better. There are a few reasons behind a website performing slow but the main reason behind a website’s slow performance is always the pictures on the website, if the pictures on your website are heavy then it would only lead to the website lagging and taking a long time to load.


What can one do to increase the website performance?

Despite what people might suggest like for one to get rid of the pictures on the website, we all know how important the pictures are because they describe a thousand words. Instead of writing a thousand words, you can post a picture with a concise description and people will be drawn by the picture. Now, there is only one thing that you can do in order to increase the website performance of your business, ecommerce website or blog and that is use Tiny Pictures.

Tiny pictures, provides you with Image-processing Content Delivery Network which is the best thing that one can do to increase their website performance. The innovative technology of platform allows your website to have same pictures with good quality for a much lesser size. This ultimately helps increase the website performance of your website. Why get rid of pictures on your website in order for it to increase the website performance when you can use Tiny Pictures get pictures which use optimal space.


Various Benefits

There are many benefits of using the Tiny Pictures platform interface which will help take the website performance to the next level. We all know that when it comes to the selection of a website to use, one always chooses a website which has a fast performance. The fast paced life of today requires fast websites to remain in the business. This is especially true for online businesses. Here are some of the various benefits of using the Tiny Pictures platform.


Image Manipulation

Just imagine having the same picture of a similar quality for a lower size, one might think that’s not possible but with Tiny Pictures, it’s all possible as it processes your images dynamically to ensure optimized delivery for every device. It allows you to apply resizing, size optimization, cropping and many more effects on the image. There is no pre-processing needed. It allows you to save lots disk space, CPU Power and bandwidth.


Fast Delivery

Tiny pictures, to the rescue as it provides you with fast delivery. No need to wait to apply the image on your website for the website to increase its performance. Take advantage of automatic WebP Format Conversion, HTTP/2, TLS Encryption, Edge Location around the world and unlimited horizontal scaling with Tiny Pictures. Just about everything you could think of is already included in the service. In addition to this, there is absolutely no setup or maintenance that is needed.


Incredibly Simple API

Tiny Pictures comes with an easy to use API and provides you with free client libraries unlike anything else out there. Frontend developers should be happy to know that they can have an image of any size available to them with ease. There is no backend development which is needed.


Origin Protection

Relieve your servers from pressure with Tiny Pictures. Your images are kept in a second caching layer for as long as you want and not just for a couple of hours unlike usual CDN services. Origin protection is ensured to all users of the platform.


Free plan

Sign up and register yourself with the free plan today to play around and make use of the API and libraries. You can then think about scaling with the platform to satisfy your needs.


Simple Registration Process

A great thing about the Tiny Pictures platform s the fact that it offers you with a simple registration process, there are only a few things which are required for you to get to registered such as the website domain name, email, user name and the selection of a plan. aJust fill up this information and you can start using the platform to increase your website performance in no time.


Affordable and Extensive Pricing Plans

There are just about all types of pricing plans for anyone. If you do not want to pay but want to try out the services first then you can choose the hobby plan which offers up to 50 K requests, 2 gigabytes of viewer traffic and 15 K transformations. Whereas, the other plans are startup, business and enterprise, each of these plans are affordable and extensive as they provide you with the best services for the least amount of cost. Tiny Pictures believes that just about everyone should have access to the services offered by its platform.


Compare Plans

If you aren’t sure about which plan you should use, then there is a checklist of each plans on the websites in comparison with other plans so if you are unsure about which plan to select then you can easily see the checklist and make up your mind.


Try it Out For Free

With the hobby plan that is available to you, if you are unsure about which plan you should be choosing, you should choose the hobby plan and get an idea of the services provided by Tiny Pictures firsthand. No other service provider offers you with the extensive features for free which Tiny Pictures does. It shows the commitment which the company has, to ensuring all your needs are met.


The Best Solution for Your Image Related Needs

As the world become increasingly technology driven, the need for having a business website or just a website in general will increase exponentially meaning that just about everyone business would be using a website. This will increase the competition online and only those companies will remain competitive that have a website that offers users with a fast performance.

Tiny Pictures provides you with the best solution for all your image related needs. It is the image back-end solution for web and mobile developers. You can rely on the company to provide you with the best services out there.


Dedicated Customer Support Team

Tiny Pictures offers you its users with a dedicated customer support team that is always available to help you. No matter what your needs might be, you can always contact the customer support team and they will be able to solve all your problems. Users trust the customer support team to answer all their queries with keeping their needs in mind.


Why Choose Tiny Pictures?

The platform provided Tiny Pictures is functional and reliable. It allows you to upload and process images in real time. Tiny Pictures has been designed to offer you with a fast and easy to use interface. It allows you to manage large amounts of images with minimal time and memory resources. It helps you improve the data on the fly by providing you with the optimal parameters. The software allows you instantly receive various modifications of any remote image and deliver it to you in no time.

It reduces the number of images that manipulate code to provide you with a simple service. It provides you with API for fast access directly from your user browser. The software also offers one with secure data storage and quick access to the data through caching, routing and CDN. It offers you with long term storage and even a local storage to avoid giving re-upload the images and helps save a lot of time. One gets to optimize their application, increase the website performance and expand their capabilities.

There is a reason why just about everyone uses Tiny Pictures for increasing their website performance. You need to try out the service to see for yourself why it is the best one out there. With the free hobby plan, there is no reason why you should not give Tiny Pictures a try.


Deliver Optimized Pictures across All Your Devices

Nowadays, one uses their desktop as well as mobile device and tablet to access website and use services and this means that the website they use should have a fast performance on all these devices and if it not then customers will quickly switch to another competitor that offers similar services. If you want customers to continue using your website then you need to ensure that your website is fast across all devices.

Thankfully for you, Tiny Pictures provides you with optimized pictures that can be accessed on all devices. Thus, ensuring that customers continue to use your website for their needs, Tiny Pictures delivers optimized pictures across various devices unlike other services which do not provide optimized pictures for all devices.

Extraordinary Features

Use any of the out of the box features that are available on Tiny Pictures to take your website performance to the next level. See the difference for yourself when you use Tiny Pictures, it will help increase the number of customers who purchase or use your website due to the faster speed of your website.

Your website could even improve in its search engine rankings such as on Google due to its fast speed. Here are some of the features you will get to use:

  • Cache Invalidation
  • Lazy Loading
  • Http/2
  • CDN-Powered Instantly
  • WebP
  • And Much More

A Much More Responsive Website

These days, websites need to be much more responsive as compared to before; customers do not have time to wait for the website to load as they have a busy schedule and require your website to offer fast responsive results which could be slowed down due to size of images on your website. The Pixboost Image CDN and Optimization Services of Tiny Pictures will help provide you with compressed responsive image that still look beautiful but help reduce the page load time significantly.

Your website will be able to run smoothly and all options on the website will load much faster. Tiny Pictures has made the entire process of preparing images for your website so much easier. With its easy to use interface, you can quickly get the images you need for your website to get the best results.


Tiny Pictures Has Answers for All Your Questions

  • Are you losing visitors to your website due its slow performance? Tiny Pictures will take care of all the formats, sizes and off screen images to make your website performance much faster.
  • Is poor performance impacting your Google ranking? Then Tiny Pictures will automatically optimize the images on your website and provide you with up to 30% instant increase in the performance.
  • Are you overpaying for CDN due to serving images in wrong sizes and wrong format? Tiny Pictures will resize and optimize all images on the fly and it uses the next generation formats for images which mean it is cheaper as compared to a regular CDN.
  • Do you difficulty managing to keep several images for various screen sizes? All you have to do is keep one image and Tiny Pictures will process it and deliver it for all the needed devices and seizes which allows for content management to become much easier for you.


There is no question or problem which Tiny Pictures can’t solve for you. Try out the platform now to see the results on your own. Just about everyone uses Tiny Pictures to make their website perform faster and better. In the world of today, a fast website is what every business needs and with Tiny Pictures, it’s possible.