The wedding is an emotional day for just about everyone, it is the moment the bride and groom vow to spend their life together and is a day that they will always remember which is why everything needs to perfect, especially the decorations. Your wedding is the event which you should allow yourself to splurge on decorations and have that dream wedding you have always wanted to have since you were a kid.

No matter what your budget is like, here is a list of the top 10 decorations which you can rent and buy for your wedding. On a day of such huge celebration, let your wedding be a time, for you to spend on items which will make the event look more beautiful.

  1. Palm Trees

If you live in a major city like NYC or Chicago and are having a wedding in the winter then you need to bring a bit of tropical paradise to your wedding. Tropical is a great theme for a wedding and for you to successfully host a tropical wedding, you need to rent palm trees in NYC. Palm trees are just what you need to bring a bit of summer and sunshine to your wedding. No matter what time of the year it might, these palm trees will bring peace and tranquility to your big day and help ease the tenseness. So either buy or rent palm trees for your wedding.

  1. Tents

If you plan on having an outdoor reception or ceremony then renting or buying tents is a must. You never know how the weather might be, especially in cities like NYC where the weather could start acting up. Therefore, get tents so that your guests will have a place to retreat to and not have their suits or gowns soaked. It doesn’t matter what the weather forecast predicts because in actuality you can never trust Mother Nature. Better safe than sorry, so get tents for your big day.

  1. Tables and Chairs

Picking out tables and chairs for your wedding might not seem like a fun task but it is absolutely vital so as to ensure that your guests have a place to sit to eat and drink cocktails. It is also important to choose bulk lace table runners and chair covers which go hand in hand with the theme of the wedding. It is a great way eventuate the theme for your big day. You will also need chairs for the musician, priest (in case of a traditional wedding) or vendors, and for all plus ones. Therefore, always rent extra chairs as its better to have more chairs than less ones.

  1. Dance Floor

No wedding these days is complete without a dance floor and to show off your wicked dance moves, you need that extra space for your big day.  If you have booked a ballroom then you won’t need to rent a dance floor but otherwise, it’s important to rent one. Before renting or deciding to rent a dance floor, always ask the location manager if there is a dance floor already available on the location to save cost. There are many different types of dance floors to choose from such as plexiglass to traditional wood. You can also decorate the dance floor with whatever you want.

  1. Lights

Most wedding are at night due to everyone’s busy workweek, so it is important to get lights for the wedding which illuminate the space at night. You might want to rent some fancy lights to bring the venue to life. From swanky chandeliers to lanterns, there’s just about every type of light which you can rent for your wedding and add style to the event. For all the instagram lovers out there who love posting pictures, lights are an absolute necessary no matter the time of the day.

  1. Flowers

Every bride has a dream to have wedding filled with her favorite flowers so it is time to make that dream come true with some beautiful flowers such as roses, jasmine, lilies or even daisies. Whatever your favorite flower might be, the wedding day is one in which you need to rent or buy flowers to make the day extra special. Flowers also help fill the space with their beautiful smell.

  1. Rest Rooms

Now, rest rooms are no not necessary for every venue but if you happened to have chosen a more rural or rustic setting than it is most likely that the wedding location would not be well-equipped with restrooms so you need to rent some portable ones.

  1. Candles

Candles just make the wedding venue look more romantic and well thought so if you want your wedding to look romantic then you need to rent or buy some candles to give the venue a more romantic touch. There are various types of candles to choose from such as classic whites to more colorful options. Choose candles which go hand in hand with the theme of the wedding.

  1. Tulle

Tulle is the ultimate decoration option. You can rent or buy tulle to decorate the wedding venue. One can create a canopy effect with the tulle and hang some from the center of the ceiling to give the location a more complete look. Tulle can be used for just about everything, you can use it to make bows or into just about anything you want. It is affordable and budget-friendly but elegant at the same time.

  1. Tableware

Everyone loves going to weddings and what they love more than weddings is tableware. There are many type of tableware you can use for your big day to give it a more theme centered look. From luxury tableware to designer dishware and even vintage tableware, there are options for just about everyone. Choose antique silver and vintage trays for a more appealing look. You can never go wrong with classic table so make sure to choose tableware that is true to the theme and your state of mind.