Cooperation with influencers is increasingly used in marketing, not only by large companies, but also by SMEs. However, the principles on which such cooperation is based are not always clear to many companies. Many of them also have problems finding an opinion leader who reaches the target group of the brand. In response to these questions, we have prepared some practical tips on how to cooperate with influencers.


Set the purpose of cooperation

In the case of smaller companies, the main purpose of cooperation with an influencer is usually to increase the range and inform about the existence of the brand on the market. Therefore, one of the most important issues is to precisely define the target group and find a creator who has authority. Lifestyle brands are the simplest in this regard. Nutritional brands are the complex ones, you will need to hire specifically a nutrition influencer for such promotions. This does not mean, however, that companies operating in other industries cannot take advantage of this form of promotion.


Influencer – opinion maker

Internet users are more and more aware and when they don’t want to, they don’t watch ads. They are helped by special programs blocking banners or stopping spots. The reluctance to standard forms of advertising is so great that in many cases it becomes a throw-away of money. Today, before buying something, Internet users first look for an opinion about the product. They check what other Internet users say about a particular article. Very often they direct their attention to their favourite blogs, whose authors trust them. Thanks to their popularity, bloggers gain the opinion of authorities in the environment of their observers, who are very eager to imitate their behaviour.


Why is the influencer valuable for the brand?

The opinion about the brand appearing on blogs is read by their observers. If it is positive, it can encourage people to buy products or services, in the case of a negative one, it can be the other way round. Therefore, the brand should choose the right bloggers, who will express a positive opinion about it and warm up its image, and often encourage to buy branded products.

Influencer campaigns undoubtedly have a huge potential, especially if we place them in a well-thought-out way in the overall strategy of brand promotion. A number of benefits of cooperation on blogs, YouTube and social media make influencer marketing a successful substitute for other forms of advertising, especially in the sectors of fashion, beauty, fitness, travel and entertainment.

Recent research and various case studies of marketing campaigns confirm that this new trend generates excellent results. A thorough analysis of influencer channels, the use of appropriate tools and the creation of detailed reports will allow each marketer to assess the profitability of their brand, maximizing the effects achieved.


Where to look for the influencers?

The most convenient way to search for influencers is to use the creators’ platform. For example, in the Reachbird Influencer platform you can search by topics, tags and channels in social media. Profiles are also sorted by ranges and prices. You can immediately send an inquiry to the Influencer and carry out the campaign conveniently without unnecessary emails and contracts. In the platform you can also find micro-influencers, who are often willing to settle accounts in the form of a barter.