Ever wondered what gardening is? Well, it’s not farfetched. In this Gardening101 article, we will be sharing with you everything you need to know about gardening amongst other things (such as tips to help you become more efficient, in case you’d love to take it up as a hobby.

First, what is Gardening? In simple terms, gardening is the art (word used loosely) or act of cultivating and tending to a garden (more often than not, just as a pastime). With the definition out of the way, let’s share with you everything you need to know if you’d love to see your garden grow greener.

In the past, few people saw “playing” in the dirt as a fun-filled act. Now, that’s a thing of the past, as more people are starting to see the joy that exists in getting their hands dirty. Not everyone will be comfortable terming it “playing in the dirt”. The popular word to use instead is “gardening”. With food gardening being the hottest of them all. Do you know that there are over 20 percent more households that are now interested in the food growing industry? anyways, now you know.

Gardening as we all might think isn’t just done as a pastime, there are significant health benefits that do come with the art of playing in the dirt. Mentally speaking, it allows people to engage in different activities and behaviors that are known to promote your wellbeing. Gardeners are known to consume more fruits when compared to non-gardeners. Gardeners are known to grow food organically, meaning they don’t expose their food products to pesticides. This directly helps consume more food that is non-toxic, thereby leaving fruits and foods with lots of nutrients. One other thing gardening is known to help with is reduce stress.

Still wondering what you are waiting for. You don’t have to start big, there is always an alternative approach to gardening, but it’s all well and nice if you’ve got your own land s that will obviously give you more time to express yourself. You will need gardening basic, not to worry, we’ve got you covered. Some of the best gardening decorations can be found at.

What plants really want

For you to understand what gardening is all about, it is important that you get conversant with what the plants really want. For you to do that, you need to inculcate that caring habit. A nurturing habit is what you need. For that, you need to start seeing plants like humans (though) they are not, the whole point is to have a nurturing spirit.

Every plant has its unique personality, coupled with this is the fact that they love different things. you might start to wonder how that’s possible, or more, how do I recognize these different things? there might not be a fixed answer for that, but the point still remains that while some plants like it cooler or moister, some plants do like it hot and sunny. Those are the two major things you need to know. It might seem pretty difficult at first, but after some experimentation, you will see how fun this whole process can be. Doing a bit of research on the internet does help too, this will let you know what works best for each plant. But one thing still remains constant, and that is, all plants (virtually, all plants) require basic ingredient. These basic ingredients include:

The Basic Ingredient needed by all plants.

  • Water

You don’t have to be a pro to know that all plants require water. Without a doubt, you were thought that in your high school days. Well, that’s true. All plants need water. The volume of water available determines how far the particular plant will grow. It will also prevent the plant from wilting up in the summer when the heat of the sun is at its highest. If you live in the part of the world where the sun is always shining and summertime seems to be the main thing, then watering your plant always would be the best option for you. One of the things you’ve got to figure out is where your water source would be. If it’s not close to your garden, then you need to consider an efficient alternative, a system that would allow you to transport water to your garden efficiently.

  • Nutrients

Just like humans, plants also need nutrients in order to grow healthy and strong. These nutrients are then passed to us when the plants are consumed. Some of the major nutrients needed by plants include Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). These nutrients are either derived from the soil or will need to be added manually.

  • Sun

Sunshine on your plant is not always a bad thing. All plants have a way of harnessing energy from the sun and through what is called “Photosynthesis” (you’ve probably heard that thousands of time). The energy is broken down into their tissues. Just like water, plants need the sun to grow. All vegetables/fruits and other plants need a certain amount of sun (direct sun) during the day.

  •   The right time to prune

One of the problems faced by gardeners especially newbies is the fact that they don’t know the right time to prune. So, when is the right time to prune? Some plants such as large flower climbing roses and lilacs should be pruned immediately their blooms fade. Pruning them in fall or winter means you will have to remove them during the next spring’s flower buds.

  • Perennial plant.

All perennial plants need three years to achieve mature growth. This is a general thing for all plants.

  • How long is your growing season?

You need to learn how long your growing season is. Both the last frost in spring and the first frost in fall. Knowing all of these will allow you to know when to start planting or avoid growing them generally.


This might look like gardening101, but it was worth it. Now, the question is, what are you still waiting for? Grab a shovel and start nurturing (or should it be said loosely, get your hands dirty).

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