With the increase in common household bills, it’s not a surprise that many consumers are looking for opportunities to slash their gas and electric bills in half.  Many are departing from the traditional cooking methods and introducing a much more cost-efficient method known as induction cooking.

Induction cooking has been around since the early 1900’s but wasn’t available to the masses until around the 1970’s. Even then, the high cost made it less attractive to consumers.  Making it more prevalent in professional kitchens. Although it has been the preferred cooking method for many chefs, only over the last decade has it stepped from commercial to residential kitchens. Largely do to affordability and scaling.  This technology cuts cooking time in half, maintains consistent cooking temperatures and makes cleanup easy.


How does Induction Cooking Work?

The technology works by introducing electromagnetic coils in induction burners. When the burner is switched to the on position, an electric current runs through these coils, creating a magnetic field. No heat is transferred to the cooktop, making it safe to touch. Once induction cookware is set on top, the magnetic field creates electric currents in the pan causing it to heat.  Since the marketplace can be so overwhelming for trying to figure out the best induction ready cookware that’s ideal for your cooktop.  Hey Flavor has made a detailed guide that is extremely helpful in picking out the best induction cookware for any budget.


Is Induction Cooking the Future?

There is no doubting the appeal to induction cooking. With fast cooking times, safety, temperature control and easy cleaning, its no wonder why people are switching over. It is changing traditional methods and is set to forever change the way we look at cooking. Its quickly developing into the most sought after cooktops in both the domestic and professional worlds.

However, there are still many that aren’t taking the leap. That’s because induction cooking can be a big investment. Most of our current cookware is not compatible with the cooktop. Making aluminum and copper incompatible.  Consumers will have to find induction ready cookware while finding their current cast iron and three ply stainless steel compatible. Be sure to review the best induction cookware guide.

Its important to test the stainless steel on the cooktop first because not all stainless still will be compatible. Some find the induction discs that can be found in the guide from Heyflavor useful in making cookware compatible. However, ideally for the most efficient usage, induction cookware is best for an induction cooktop.

Even the most seasoned cooks will have to rethink the way they cook. Since the pan heats up quickly, there’s not much time to chop and dice vegetables while waiting for a pan to heat up. This revolutionized cooking has the younger Generation X crowds making plans to include induction cooking into their next kitchen. While the baby boomer crowd tend to be overall confused my the method and are slower to adapt. Many have reference induction cooking as the iPad/iPhone to the cooking word.