Cockroaches arouse disgust. How to get rid of them? The best way to get rid of cockroaches is by a professional pest control team, but first try out home methods. To get rid of them first of all you need to thoroughly and regularly clean the apartment, do not leave food leftovers, seal all gaps and installations.


Cockroaches: pests at home

The cockroaches lead a nightlife. They feed shortly after sunset and shortly before sunrise. These pests are omnivorous. They eat potatoes, carrots, fruit, bread, flour and sugar. Cockroaches at home are dangerous to humans because they carry tuberculosis, typhus and nematode larvae.


Cockroaches at home: how to get rid of them

Firstly, a visual inspection must be carried out. On the plan of the house we mark all places where cockroaches are visible or traces of their existence have been found (faeces, moultings, etc). We mark places which may be a hiding place or a source of food for cockroaches. In order to get rid of cockroaches we have to take care of cleanliness in the house. Frequent cleaning and washing the apartment can effectively reduce the number of pests that do not like noise and cleanliness. In order to get rid of pests you need to repair the water supply system, so that there are no leaks. Food products should be stored in containers and rubbish should be kept in insect-proof containers.



You can also use the fly-sticks that you can buy in any garden shop to get rid of cockroaches. Instead of hanging it – as in the instructions – it is enough to cut it into pieces. Spread out fragments of the sticks in places that are visited by cockroaches. Unfortunately, this way you will get rid of cockroaches most probably only for some time.



The things you need:  grinded coffee, water, a jar, sheet of paper

Brew your coffee using a large number of coffee grounds. When the coffee is brewed, pour out the liquid, and pour the remaining grounds into a prepared jar. Place a jar in the area where cockroaches appear most often. Attach a sheet of paper to the edge of the jar, thanks to which the cockroaches will reach the inside of the jar. They will be attracted by the smell of coffee, which they love. The slippery walls of the jar will prevent them from getting out of the jar.



The things you need: Beer, old textile or jar + sheet of paper

Cockroaches are attracted not only by sugar or coffee, but also beer. Just soak the pieces of textile and spread them out in places where you meet cockroaches. You can also pour the beer into a jar and do the same as in the coffee method presented in the previous step.


Insecticide plate

Another idea is to buy a special insecticide plate (grille). The cockroaches should scare off the smell of the device. This way you will not only get rid of cockroaches, but also flies or mosquitoes.


Professional help: when do you need it

Unfortunately, this is a question that doesn’t have a general answer. As experts from FS – Kammerjäger Frankfurt say, each pest control has to be considered individually. But of course you don’t have to call professional company immediately because you see a cockroach in the garage once. But these are signs. If you notice something like this more often, we recommend that you pay more attention to it in the next days and weeks, try above described methods and if the problem exist, you should contact professionals.

If you decide to make professional disinfection, you should know that if you live in a block of flats, it is important to carry out the disinfection in the whole building, not only in all flats, but also in the basement or staircase. The point is that getting rid of cockroaches only in one’s own apartment will not bring lasting results. When your neighbour does nothing to fight them, the insects will return to your home through pipes or ventilation grilles. Unfortunately, it is hard to persuade all residents to pay for such a service. However, it is worth responding and reporting the fact to the building’s administrator. It is also important to choose professional company that use modern, harmless for people as well as animals’ methods. If you have further questions about your roach infestation, contact Drake Lawn & Pest Control