Is An Antler Chandelier For You


Rustic dining room in a cozy frame or country home and a fantastic antler chandelier as the focus. It looks awesome!


One very distinctive feature of antler chandeliers is that everyone is unique. Yes, they could be similar in design or color, but because every pair of antlers is unique, the chandelier must also be.


Antler chandeliers are truly a form of artwork that can add an element of beauty and design to your room. And what a great way to reflect on your western heritage!


So what sort of décor do you use an antler chandelier in? You have loads of choices. As stated early a country house with a country dining room. A rustic dining room would be quite fitting as well, but so would an early American or Southwestern, or Native American theme.


Now those are all common sense decors, but antlers can create quite a trendy statement too in a modern or contemporary room, especially if you take your time and choose a design that works as a piece of artwork. Antler chandeliers also look great in an area that’s filled with game seekers finds.


Antler chandeliers can be found with conventional candle settings or in their more modern electrical form. There are some options on the industry and also, there are several online companies that will allow you to customize your chandelier directly down to the kind of light socket covers it’s. It’s a great option for people who understand what they want down to the last detail!


Below are some of the design options to take into account.


  1. Mule Deer Antlers


The bucks’ antlers, begin growing in the spring and they normally drop sometime in December every year. They are high and branch forward, forking both into two tines having a spread up to 4 feet which makes them a superb choice for a chandelier.


  1. Fallow Deer Antlers


The fallow deer antlers create a very interesting and unique chandelier due to the sort of antlers they have and the size of those antlers.


This is a moderately sized deer, as well as the adult men, have large palmate antlers. The bucks develop spike antlers that begin to develop within their first year and continue to grow until 3-4 years of age. The throw only antlers comprised of beams and easy points.


  1. Rocky Mountain Elk


The rocky mountain elk provides the basis for a stunning chandelier and a wide selection in proportion and style. Their sharp pointed prongs with a beam that sweeps both up, back, and outside includes a wonderful artistic influence on the finished product.


By the 4th year that the antlers have become much heavier, and after years five they are much bigger, thicker, and have at least 6 points. It is said they develop their best set of antlers within an old bull around age 11. With this age, they could be 5 feet long with 10 points and weight over 25 lbs.


The older bulls will drop their antlers through February and March while the younger bulls will usually shed afterward in May. The antler cycle is very regulated.


You can quickly see why these elk horns create such great fixtures. Variety in age, size, points, and color provide an abundance of décor options!


  1. White Tail Deer


The whitetail deer chandeliers come in a range of sizes, shapes, and fittings from as few as four candle lights to as many as 10. The design of these chandeliers makes them perfect for a living room, family room above a pool table or in a dining room.


Just the male deer grow antlers, which they shed every year. The growth starts in the early spring and from September that the antlers are fully grown. Deer antlers are the fastest growing tissue that person knows about. They will expand about ” daily, and they get coated with a live material that is called velvet that is eventually rubbed off.


A buck of about ten months old and from one year of age spikes are generally seen. Spikes are more prevalent than branches in deer that are undernourished. Spike bucks shed earlier than branched bucks.


White-tailed deer grow at between 5 to 8 years and deer that with spiked antlers in their younger years frequently older to be trophy adults. Trophy antlers make superb chandeliers.


  1. Faux Antlers


For all those of you that prefer to not have the real deal not to worry you can produce your fashion décor statement with faux antlers. These faux antlers are amazing with the same excellent finish of the actual thing. Generally, they are made from resin, which makes them very durable and also a lot cheaper than the real thing!

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