How to Increase The Quality of Your Web Traffic


Getting web traffic is important, however its worth is greatly determined by the quality of the traffic. There’s little point in having lots of traffic if it’s irrelevant and won’t create sales. So, here are some tips for getting plenty of relevant, quality traffic to your blog.


Write Great Content for Your Website

When it comes to content, your priority should be quality rather than quantity. Good content will bring people back to your site time and time again. Bad content will drive them and the search engines away.


Many companies fall victim to the idea that more is better with content. This is not true. It is important to produce content regularly, but if that content is not good then the search engines will notice.


Finding Content Ideas

If you’re not sure what to write, keep a notepad on hand at all times, and write down questions that you get from your customers. Write down ideas that crop up during your day to day work, and when you have a few minutes spare, start typing. Share your ideas and the search engines will reward you. You might even find that you have been answering the same questions over and over again in your emails, and that you can convert your emails to blog posts quite easily.


Think about the topics that you deal with the most in a customer service context. Make sure that you answer those questions on your website. Think about the copy that you already have on your site, and whether that content speaks to your customers and their most common needs. Do you clearly represent the benefits of the work that you do to your customers? Are you a clear authority in your niche? You don’t need to be an expert on marketing and strategies – if you are producing content that is clear and informative then your customers will respond.


Write for Others

Start creating content for other websites – write for industry blogs to show that you are a thought leader, and that you are engaged with your community. Write for newsletters, and write guides for consumers too suggests Jeannie Hill, owner of Hill Web Marketing LLC. Writing guest blogs for industry publications can help to drive new business inquiries, and can help you to get website traffic as well. Some blogs will allow you to include a link to your website, which will help you to rank better in the search engines too by giving you ‘link juice’ from those sites.


Know Your Keywords

There is marketing software that can help you to understand and identify which keywords will drive the most traffic. You can also learn a lot through looking at your server logs and what searches people make using your content management system.  It is quite hard to rank well for the shorter keywords, because there is a lot of competition for those. Long-tail keywords could be a better option for you. These key phrases are ones that have clear purchase intent, and by ranking well for them you are pre-qualifying your visitors to an extent.


Evaluate Your Pages With SEO in Mind

Think of each page of your website as an entry-point for potential customers. Make sure that the pages are well optimized. Your site is an opportunity to speak to your customers using targeted keyword and phrases. Look at Google’s Keyword Planner and work the content that you want to target into each age. have the keywords included into the page’s title, H1 and meta description tags. Make sure it is in the content once or twice, and try to stick to highly relevant content.


Find Good Traffic Sources

You can use Google Analytics to figure out the best sources of traffic. You might find, depending on the demographic that you are targeting, that these sources could be social media, blogs and directories, paid search, organic search, or even your email list. Look to see which channels drive the most visitors to you, and what those visitors do on your site. Thousands of visitors are of limited value if those visitors are not buying.


Look at the quality of each type of visitor, and if you find that certain sources of traffic are not high quality, then consider de-emphasizing the marketing efforts that you do for that source – especially if you are investing money or even a significant amount of time into it.


Emphasize the Good Sources

If you find that there are some sources that are generating a lot of traffic, then put the emphasis onto those sources suggests Jeannie. Whether that is a filled out contact form, an email list subscription, or a sale, that’s the kind of traffic that you want.  Bring the right people to your website and your business, and you’ll find that you are in a much better position to improve sales and conversions. Not all traffic has to cost a lot of money.


This is an ongoing process. Test, modify, consider the results, and repeat. Over time you will see a huge change in the performance of your site from this, though, so it is well worth doing. Be patient, and never stop learning and testing to see how you can get even more customers, and even more attention from your business through the search engines and through other referral sources such as blogging and social media platforms.


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