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Most kayakers aim to own a kayak because it gives them the liberty to get out on the water anytime the need strikes. If you prefer a specific type of kayak, like touring kayak, inflatable fishing kayak, or whitewater kayak, then buying yours is the only means to find the perfect boat. But it’s a bit expensive.

Buying a used kayak is an excellent option. It allows you to own a kayak without spending a lot of money.

Usually, there are six important factors you need to know when buying a used kayak. If you are looking for a good quality used kayak, then these five factors are a must.


These six factors are:

  • Weight & Stability
  • Type of paddle
  • Length of tandem
  • Comfort
  • Transportability
  • Storage capacity


Before buying a used Kayak, use this checklist

  • How old is the kayak?
  • What condition does the kayak reflect upon first look?
  • Where did the kayak use to be stored?
  • Is it an inflatable kayak, and does it have any sun damage?
  • Its Bottom Line


Where to Buy a Used Kayak?



Ordinarily, the idea of buying a kayak online may make you feel uncomfortable. We’ve all had an awful online shopping experience, and it’s not something most people want to do again, especially something as expensive as a kayak!

The good news is that the size and bulk of a kayak make it almost impossible to ship, so you’ll either have to collect it or have it brought to you. This is better because it allows you to inspect the kayak before you pay.



Buying a used kayak from a local store might be a little more difficult than getting one online. However, it’s not impossible! Browse around local sports and fishing stores or flea markets or kayaking centers. The kayaking community is fairly tightly knit so that you will get recommendations. Also try posting on kayaking message boards, advertising that you are looking to buy a used kayak. This also lets you specify exactly what kind of kayak you are searching for.


Inspecting a Used Kayak

The most important part of purchasing a used kayak is inspecting it for any damage or faults. Expect Wear and tear on any used fishing or sporting equipment. You’ll, however, need to make sure the damage is not in the hull or fittings.


How Much Should a Used Kayak be?

Unfortunately, there isn’t an easy way to answer these questions. Used kayaks can range from 50% to 75% of their initial retail price. However, much of what you can expect to pay for them is based on the condition of the kayak you want.

Having an idea of what the kayak costs when it was new is perfect. It will help you to know how much to pay for the used version.


Going for a Test Paddle

If at all possible, it is best to take a used kayak you want to buy for a test paddle, just as you would test drive a car. Most used kayak sellers will not have a problem with you asking to do this.

It is possible to get a used kayak. Pay attention and listen to recommendations from experts. Make sure you get a confirmation before you buy!