You’re tired of putting on makeup every day? Do you want a permanent solution that saves you a lot of time every day? Then a permanent make-up is probably the right thing for you. Keep on reading.

What is Permanent Make-Up?

Permanent Make-Up is a long-lasting make-up method in the form of a tattoo. It can be applied to the eyebrows, lips and eyelids. This method is not only used to beautify the areas mentioned. It is also possible to colour scars with a natural skin tone. The make-up can neither be removed by water nor by wiping. It lasts several years, and begins to fade after this time. After that the make-up should be refreshed, or completely removed.


The Treatment Procedure

You will receive a detailed consultation before the actual treatment. You will be informed about the risks of the treatment and the further course of the treatment will be presented. Once everything has been clarified, the treatment can begin. The treatment area is marked with a sign pen. If you agree with the preliminary drawing, the implantation of the colour can begin. A micropigmentation device with a very fine needle similar to a tattoo needle is used for this purpose. The desired colour is now applied to the top layer of skin. The duration of treatment depends on the size of the treatment area and can therefore not be given in general terms. However, you should expect about 2 hours. You will receive a cream to accelerate the healing process. If the skin has recovered well, then about 3 weeks later the after-treatment takes place. Here the permanent make-up is reworked, mistakes are corrected and the colour strength is adjusted.


Advantages of Permanent Make-Up

Compared to classic make-up, permanent make-up has many advantages. You can go to the swimming pool or sauna without hesitation. Your make-up will last without any problems. You also don’t have to take it off when exercising. You will feel more free and won’t even think about your make-up anymore. At the same time you save a lot of time every day. After all, you would have to spend half an hour in front of the bathroom mirror every morning. This has now come to an end.

Disadvantages of Permanent Make-Up

This beauty treatment is not harmless, especially for allergy sufferers. You should do a sensitivity test before the treatment. Then you will know whether you tolerate the colour. Just like a tattoo, infections and inflammations can occur. There is also a risk that the make-up will fade over time due to strong sunlight and that follow-up treatment will be necessary. Apart from that, you should be aware that the applied make-up will be your companion for many years.

Undo Permanent Make-Up

Similar to tattoos, you can also undo a permanent make-up. For this a laser treatment is carried out. The high-energy laser beams heat up and break the color pigments – the color disappears.


The costs vary from studio to studio. In addition, the price depends on the area to be processed. In principle, however, you should expect $200 to $300.



If you are now thinking about undergoing this beauty treatment, then you should definitely go to a reputable provider. Hygiene and professionalism have the highest priority here. Otherwise, you now know what this method is all about and how positive the result can be for your life.