Is The Weighted Blanket Worth Buying?

It’s very hard these days to assess the worthiness of an idea, concept or product that is offered on the market. Moreover, when it comes to something that has a lot of “followers” we always tend to look at it with suspicion.

When it comes to health-related products it’s even a bigger challenge to separate the fads from the good ones. We do need a lot of health support these days and we want to rely on quality products. Fortunately, a weighted blanket is not another passing fad neither a harmful one. It’s a smart old concept that provides great benefits.

So, here are the most important things you need to know about the concept of the weighted blanket before you decide if it is worth your money.


The Concept of a Weighted Blanket

The idea was first applied in acute psychiatry for people with severe disorders. Observing the effect of the hug or touch, doctors have come to the conclusion that the little weight applied on the skin slowly soothes and calms a person.

Science explained the power of the weight very accurately. Here is what the additional weight put on your body does to your nervous system:

  •         The pressure that is applied to the skin is named the deep touch pressure stimulation, known as DTP.
  •         DTP stimulates the nerve endings underneath the surface of the skin.
  •         The signals that the nerves send trigger a major change in the body. Moreover, they activate the “rest and digest” state of the body. (the Parasympathetic nervous system)
  •         The consecutive processes lead to the secretion of the “feel-good” hormones: serotonin, dopamine, endorphins.
  •         Another important hormone that is secreted in this state is melatonin. Melatonin is the sleep hormone and the only precursor needed for the body to feel and stay asleep.

 Once the body is in the state explained above, it enjoys a thorough relaxation. The “hugging” sensation that a weighted blanket provides calms a person’s body and puts it to sleep. Moreover, the secretion of the “feel-good” hormones brings a sense of satisfaction, happiness and serenity.


What is the Effect of the Weighted Blanket Beneficial for?

The significant changes that a weighted blanket triggers in the body are very beneficial for mental and physical health. Moreover, the use of the weighted blanket can help in dealing with many health problems and symptoms.  


Benefits of using a weighted blanket:

  •       Helps in fighting insomnia and other sleep problems
  •       Improves sleep quality and durability
  •       Helps in restoring a healthy sleep-wake cycle
  •       Reduces anxiety
  •       Helps with stress-management
  •       Reduces the symptoms of depression


Adults that suffer from insomnia, prolonged states of stress or anxiety can benefit greatly from the use of the blanket.  

To choose the right weight a person should choose a weighted blanket that weighs 8-10% of their body weight. Common recommended weight for adults is 15lb weighted blanket.


Well, Is the Weighted Blanket Worth Buying?

Several important scientific studies and good long life experience teach us the most important factors for a long and healthy life:

  1.     Sleep quality and durability
  2.     Dealing with emotional stress.

As the modern-day lifestyle sets a great challenge for attaining a healthy lifestyle, we sure can use a helping hand. A weighted blanket is the perfect therapeutic tool for dealing with the lack of healthy sleep or an abundance of stress.

There comes a time in every person’s life where they need a soothing and comforting assistant is more than necessary. When it comes to health and improvement of the quality of life, it’s always a money-well-spend investment.


Can a Weighted Blanket be a Failed Investment?

Let’s get straight to the point: Yes, a weighted blanket can be a failed investment and sadly, an expansive one.

For some people, it may be hard to find the perfect weight right away. Moreover, this means that many will give up from the idea just because they have purchased a too heavy or too light blanket. It’s a misfortune to make such a mistake, however, this shouldn’t be discouraging.

It may take some time and money for you to find your perfect weighted blanket. Nevertheless, we advise you to manage to find your perfect match. The weighted blanket can change your life forever!



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