Motion graphic usage ideas

In recent years motion graphics became famous and popular formats for different video projects. Maybe, you are already familiar with this concept. If not, generally, it creates animated images, their rotations and changes. And, of course, it requires any surface to be demonstrated on. Usually, it is a screen of smartphone or computer, but it can be any piece of paper, ground and so on.


Why is it so popular?

The motion design can be seen everywhere. It is so common and usable that almost every day you look at examples of the format. But what is making it so suitable and trendy?

  • First of all, it might be a great way to tell anybody about unclear and complex things. The combination of traditional speech and interesting animated pictures influence people more. Thus, related drawings can be crucial to understand a really confusing concept because visual things give strong associations.
  • Enchanting effect is not the last aspect. While boring facts and notes push away people, simple design and vivid style have more efficiency within the viewers. A great work on video can transform even the worst clip in an interesting one.
  • Even though, it often seems to be as a cartoon, it has a formal presentation. So it is also perfect for business purposes, official meetings, and brief interviews and so on.
  • Colorful and expressive style makes videos more memorable. Focusing attention on a certain place movie maker can create long lasting contact.
  • The motion design is adaptable and flexible enough to use other techniques in the project. It is perfect to invent a new and innovative style. Compare the best ideas to form a new masterpiece.
  • Communicative aspect is another detail. Often there is a story that attracts a viewer more. Abrupt and separate facts can confuse a person while a short tale makes the process easier and more interesting. Audio component is also important. With sounds and music video affects people in another way building more new associations that makes people to remember the information.

But motion graphic video production is a quite difficult process which requires some skills, experience and knowledge. To make worthy example, creator must know basics about storytelling, filming, color design, music and sound effects, and a lot of other things. So if you need one or several video projects, it might be a good idea to find a good company. You can opt for Design Pickle’s new service for motion graphics design. Professionals do their best to finish the order faster, better and effectively.


Main fields of motion graphics

As you can guess, this format of the video presentations can’t be popular without it involvement in a variety of spheres. The opportunity to change the style has brought such prevalence.

  • Marketing. The undeniable thing about motion design is the attraction-catching feature. And advertising appreciate such elements. People got used to loads of promotions so innovative ways are necessary.
  • Education. As it has been said, explaining complex concepts is rather effective application. Introducing explainer videos to studying will help students to understand better and memorize more.
  • Entertaining. Speaking about filming, it is a perfect tool for some making some effects and scenes. For the users of lc series simulators, this is also an essential instrument.  Trailers and short videos about the project very often include the usage of motion design.
  • TV industry. Maybe the most demanding sphere to the visual component. So the quality must be high, the ways to present the content – innovative. And the format mentioned more than once in the article is a suitable and highly used one.