Belgium is a terrific country that does not need additional introduction. However, there are still a lot of things – films, books, works of art, inventions, which we admire, but do not know that they were created in Belgium. Lets read what Russian people have to say about Belgium, from the website русские в бельгии.

So why not get acquainted with the unexpected facets of this amazing country and not fall in love with it again? After reading this article, you will see that Belgium is not only beer, waffles, chocolate and medieval architecture. Part of Belgium is in many things.


The film “Tokyo Bride”

Amazing romantic comedy, where there is a place and passion, and drama, and worldly humor and refined charm. The film is based on the sensual book of the Belgian writer Amelie Nothomb Ni d’Ève ni d’Adam.

Baroness Amelie Notomb was born in Belgium, before her childhood was spent in different countries – in Japan, China, Bangladesh, Laos, USA. At the age of 18 she returned to Belgium.

Amelie Nothomb has remained a real Belgian, although she continues to travel the world, now lives in Paris.


Maurice Meterlink, Blue Bird

We all remember this amazing fairy tale (parable play), which seems to be a childish one, but it crawls. Calm, but dynamic. Cheerful, but brings to tears. Old, but relevant today.

Who, if not the Belgian could create something like that? ..


Guinness World Records Supercar

The Belgian company Gillet produces some of the best supercars in the world, one of them is the Gillet Vertigo Prototype, which hit the Guinness Book of Records for a maximum acceleration speed of up to 100 km / h in just 3 seconds.

Gillet is the first car in the world with a carbon-fiber monocoque, a welcome guest at the races and simply amazing cars hailing from Belgium.


Jean-Claude Van Damme

Although Jean-Claude is considered an American actor, his roots, his childhood and his story are Belgium. It was here in Berchem Saint-Agathe he was born, began to practice martial arts and became himself.



Singer Stromae (Paul Van Aver) was born in Brussels. And still lives in Belgium. This is a well-known fact for the Belgians, but visitors to the country are often surprised by this discovery.

Stromae is how Belgium sounds like the voice of creative youth. You close your eyes and see the streets of Brussels and all those romantic stories that are happening to them.


Adam de Coster

Adam de Coster is a sophisticated early baroque artist. His work can be found all over the world, but his life and soul in Belgium, where he was born.

Little is known about the life of Adam de Coster: he was born in Mechelen, died in Antwerp, it is assumed that he lived in Rome for some time.


There is room for everything in Belgium

As you can see, Belgium can surprise. But the most important discovery is the country itself, its cities, its air, its people. In Belgium, you can not live a day and not be surprised. It seems everything is as usual, but every day is so incredible …

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