The fear that robots will take over our work has not escaped. More and more work is actually being done by machines. That has been going on for years. It started with household appliances that made life easier for us. The laundry could just be put in a machine and the vacuum cleaner provided a clean house. The development is super-fast. It is no longer strange to have a robot mow the grass. Where does this end?


Thinkers versus doers

Many jobs are being threatened. We cannot ignore that. People who work with their hands in particular must fear for their work. Where street makers worked for hours on a piece of public road, a machine now quickly and completely locks the entire street down without bumps. Where designers spent hours planning and sketching, a 3D printer prints a design in the blink of an eye. Is it perhaps time to become a mass thinker instead of a doer? Or do doers always remain necessary, even if it is to control the equipment?


Personal attention

Should we learn radically and retrain all or is it not the case that all jobs are at risk? Especially in healthcare, personal attention still seems to me – or actually always – to be very important. Or can a robot even think and act in the same way as humans in the future? I wonder how quickly do you think your job will be taken over by robots? And do you have an alternative in mind? What will you do if your work is done by a robot?

Think about many Hollywood films or series where this is the case and at the end you can see this is men versus machine, a global war for the future of one kind. This might happen with us or might not that is the question, especially good for people who like some theories.


About the blog

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