Are you looking for the perfect gift for your child? Then, you need to get Join Potato Kid. The book has been written by Edward Hanson who is a father of two kids. As a navy veteran, he has had various interactions with kids. He is even a certified elementary school teacher. Edward Hanson has wanted to write children’s books for a long time and has finally taken the leap of faith to write a beautiful book that has a lot to offer.


If you are looking for a children’s book that is filled with adventure, Join Potato Kid is the only book that you need to get. It is a book about adventures unlike any other. The book can be read by kids and adults. Parents can read it to their kids to get them engaged. In fact, the story can be read little by little to go on a journey unlike any other. With so much to do, it can be difficult to find the best book for your child. However, this book is available online. Hence, you do not have to go anywhere.

The story will instill a sense of adventure in your child. Reading adventurous books to kids is important. It allows them to take on challenges and try out new things. There is nothing better that one can possibly do. The adventures mentioned in the book are simply out of this world. They will challenge kids to look at things from a different perspective.

Instill Good Morals

One of the best things about Join Potato Kid is the fact that it is a book that instills good morals. When you read the book to your child, you will notice a change in their behavior. Edward Hanson cares about instilling good values in children and his book is a great representation of his achievement. Parents can read the book to their child in hopes of making a difference. The experiences shared in the book will fill readers with a sense of morals and duty towards others. They will be able to differentiate between right and wrong. There is no better book out there that one can read.

Exciting Tale

Join Potato Kid is not your average children’s book. It tells an exciting tale that you will want to continue reading. Fly the skies by reading the story. You will be taken aback by beautifully crafted lands. There is just something about the tale that is hard to compare with. If you are looking for a completely new book that you have never read about, Join Potato Kid is the perfect place to start. Fly the skies and discover a new land. The tale mentioned in the book will blow your mind away. It really challenges your mind and view of the world. Traverse through the land in search of an exciting experience with Join Potato Kid and his friends.

Meaningful Story

The best thing about Join Potato Kid is that it tells a meaningful story. The fact is that reading the book is something that one ought to do. If you are tired of reading the same books to your kid or want to gift your child or younger sibling a book that they will fall in love with, you have to get Join Potato Kid. The story will truly move you and you will feel like a completely changed person when you read it. The thing about reading is that it should be worthwhile. Hence, you have to give Join Potato Kid a try.

Improves Reading Comprehension Skills

Edward Hanson has written the perfect book that helps improve reading comprehension skills. As your child or younger sibling continues to read the tale, you will see their reading comprehension skills improve. The secret to better comprehension is a sense of joy while reading something.

Join Potato Kid is a book that will inspire you to take on new challenges head on. If you are worried that your child might be struggling to make friends or does not know what to talk to with friends, getting this book for them is a great start. You will notice the difference and he or she will tell you about the new friends made. As a parent, it is important to help your child make friends.

Ends Boredom

If you feel that your child or younger sibling is outright boredom, Join Potato Kid is just the book that you need to get them. It will help keep them busy and he or she would be a whole lot happier. The lessons mentioned in the story will keep them hooked. In fact, your child might even be able to complete the book within a week or even a few days. It is this excitement that will get them to complete a book. If your child has never been able to complete an entire book, Join Potato Kid is a great place to start. It will allow your child to keep reading while you continue doing your work.


Join Potato Kid is a highly entertaining book that anyone can read. Although it has been written for children in mind, it does not mean that parents and adults cannot read it. In fact, it is only a matter of time until it makes it big and you might even come across it on the big screen. The humorous dialogues, the comebacks, the adventure, and the sense of friendship between the characters will keep you entertained as you continue to read. Do not underestimate the value of this amazing book. It has been written to change your perspective about a lot of things.


Once you have finished reading this post, you will come to realize just how amazing Join Potato Kid is. The book has been created to transport you to a completely different world. You will come across endless possibilities and learn valuable lessons of friendship and life as you read through the pages.