Cheeks that were once full and youthful can lose volume and elasticity over time due to the loss of subcutaneous facial fat. This is a common phenomenon and a natural part of the aging process, making us look and feel much older than we perhaps are. As we age, our body also changes. Many would like to get rid of excess fat and firm up the skin. What is the recipe for a beautiful, young face and a perfectly shaped body? Support in the pursuit of ideal shapes is aesthetic medicine.


Dermal Fillers – a way to rejuvenate your face

Small treatments can have a big impact on your facial aesthetics. Fillers are a great example of this – they can easily improve the appearance of your face while maintaining a natural look. New technologies are now available that allow fillers to be used in brow lifts, corners of the mouth, hand skin resurfacing, scar correction and even a so-called liquid facelift procedure.


Effects of the treatment

The aim of the treatment is to fill in and smooth out furrows (such as the nasolabial furrow, the characteristic parentheses that are found along the nose and mouth). Most fillers contain hyaluronic acid. In the human body, natural hyaluronic acid is responsible for skin volume. Fillers have been slightly modified to last longer in the body than natural ones. The effect of the treatment is immediate and, depending on the filler chosen, remains visible for another 6 to 12 months. The treatment itself takes about 20 minutes and requires no convalescence.


Which filler is best?

Choose high-quality formulations that, thanks to their elasticity and plasticity, distribute evenly in the skin for a natural rejuvenating effect. Belotero fillers are designed to adapt aesthetic solutions for each patient – from moisturising and smoothing the skin, to filling wrinkles and lip enlargement. Very importantly, these products provide predictable and natural results, and various formulations can be used separately or in combination.


A new way to a perfect body

Body Countouring is a treatment that is extremely popular. What is its phenomenon? Modern aesthetic medicine, thanks to devices such as Body Jet Evo and the Aqua Shape method, allows for precise body plasticity without the intervention of a scalpel. This treatment is aimed at both women and men, as it allows to emphasise muscle lines and natural shapes. Women prefer to model body parts such as the belly, waist, back, thighs and buttocks. Men can enhance the outline of their muscles on the abdomen or arms. The treatment is based on the action of a stream of water which, through a thin cannula, is introduced under the skin and then washes away the fatty tissue. Its greatest advantage is the durability of the achieved effect.


Advantages of the presented treatments

The treatments are quick and painless, and the effects of improved appearance are immediate. Both are also completely safe. They are as natural and non-invasive as possible and based on ingredients close to nature and tolerated by the human body.