Summary of advantages of the K8viet dealer:

* Register Account easily and quickly.

* Deposit funds into K8pro Account in 5 minutes – Super fast cash withdrawal: only 30 minute – 2 hour and you will get the money.

* 24/7 online supports, all days of the week.

* Diverse products: international football betting and casino gambling.


 What is the reason why you should participate in playing football bets at k8pro?

1. High winning and prestigious football odds ratio.

If any one of you has done the betting all these years and the dealer gave you an unsafe feeling, is the winning odd low, and most importantly, do they pay you when you win? It is okay to win a small amount, but in some cases of winning hundred million dongs, the dealer has escaped. This brings a very high risk to you. The hlv88 dealer is an international dealer, a multinational company with the largest market in Asia. Because it is an odd setting dealer, so when betting on matches you will get the highest winning rate without going through any intermediary contractor.

In 7 years of operation in Vietnam in particular and 10 years in Asia market, people on betting forums rated k8bet as the leading prestigious dealer house in Vietnam nowadays.


2. Quick withdrawal and high repayment bonus

When winning the bet, everyone wants to withdraw money early. Understand this mentality, k8vn ’s payment department has increased the payment speed for winning customers to become very quickly. If you used to play at other dealer houses, they usually make withdrawals from 12-24 hours. While at k8bet, you will get the money in 30 ′ – 2 hours after the first match ends. If you play cards, the faster you get, the 30 ′ – 1 hour is the money transferred to your account.

The repayment bonus of fb88 is the amount of money you receive when you bet money on matches (commission money), which means that the more you bet, the higher the repayment bonus you will get and that does not depend on the winning result. If you bet and win all, you still get the normal repayment bonus. At 789aa, you will get 0.5 – 2.8% of the total bet amount. You are professional people, so you really care about this promotion of the dealer.


3. Online supporting staff is available to assist you 24/7

A great thing at the k8bet international football dealer house is the enthusiastic, polite and extremely professional online chat staff. Players can contact online chat for supporting whenever you need it. You can ask any question: how to view odds, how to bet, how to deposit, and withdraw money, … and you will be supported as a true VIP. You should also note that this support is available only from the international dealers. Those who are not reputable, average, and nonsense, if you contact them 2-3 times without seeing anyone starting a chat, then you should immediately withdraw and should not be involved in doing anything.


4. In addition to football betting, you can play casino with money

Online football betting is the strength of k8viet, but besides that they also have very attractive casino game. The players will play with the dealers, who are beautiful girls that are broadcasted directly from the casino. Currently, the number of Vietnamese people has moved from going to Cambodia’s casinos to playing online, because the feeling of playing like real games, not only having not much difference but is also very beneficial.

The minimum bet amount in each game is 10k, which is very suitable for those who have just started playing.k8pro has a full range of card games categories such as

Baccarat 3 card (9 points), Blackjack (also known as the 21 highest score Blackjack), Poker, Big and small dice roller and especially the disc juggling game that the brothers from the North enjoy very much.