Latest Whatsapp tricks to Save your Whatsapp Dp


Do you think that your Whatsapp  Dp Profile picture is safer and nobody can download your picture? Then you are wrong! Now anyone can download your profile picture if he has your number. But Whatsapp had also added a feature to keep your profile picture more secure. Check this article to know how it will be done. And also read about other new features introduced in new Whatsapp.



As we all know that Whatsapp messenger is presently number one instant messaging app in the Android market and it was downloaded more than 40 million times and that’s the same reason why Facebook had bought it with a huge sum of money. The main success of Whatsapp messenger is its integration with contacts in phone-book. You could message your friend on Whatsapp (only if they had a Whatsapp account) just if you have his number saved in your phone book and had installed Whatsapp messenger in your phone. It’s so simple with no ads and it is free up to 6 months. Contacts will be updated once you had saved the numbers. The messages are sent very fast and it had became one of the best messaging apps.


Why your Whatsapp Profile picture is not safe now?

Previously people could only view profile picture of the person whose number is saved in his contacts and who had messaged in Whatsapp. But in recent updates for Android version of the application, Whatsapp added a new feature. This feature allows users to save the profile picture and their whatsapp dp Status. Users can even share those profile pictures with others also. Thus, now if anybody has your number, they can easily download your profile picture. Because of this change that images of people especially females, can be easily taken without their knowledge. But Whatsapp had added a new feature to keep your profile picture more secure. I will explain step by step procedure of using that feature.


How to keep your Profile picture more secure?

Whatsapp messenger had added an additional privacy option in settings in order to keep your Profile picture safe. Using that feature, your profile picture can be visible to people who are present in your Whatsapp contacts, while it will be invisible to others. Using this feature you can even make your profile picture visible to no one. This feature is available only with the latest updated Android version of Whatsapp messenger application. Here is the procedure to use that option.

  1. First update your Whatsapp messenger application in Play store to the latest version. If you had already updated the application then it’s O.K.
  2. After opening your Whatsapp messenger, if you go for Options, you will notice “Settings” options in it. Select that option
  3. In Settings, go to “Account” setting.
  4. In Account setting, Select “Privacy” Option.
  5. There you can see an option “Profile Photo”, Click on it, you can notice further 3 options.
      • Everyone: It is set by default. This means, anyone can see your profile picture and can download or share the picture with others
      • My contacts: If it was selected, your Profile picture will be visible to people only who are present in your Whatsapp contacts. To remaining all, it will not be visible. But your contacts can still download or share your picture.
      • Nobody: If this option was selected, your profile picture will not be visible to anyone