CareGatto, an e-commerce gifting company based in Los Angeles, has created a platform allowing users to create and mail a card from anywhere in the world, online.

Unlike regular greeting cards, these cards can be personalized by two photo inserts, one on each side. Customers can upload photos directly from their phone or their Instagram accounts, which are then printed and inserted inside the card.

Super fun to create and super exciting to receive! So next time you want to send a card, forget the drive to the store to pick up a plain greeting card, just hop on their site and send a something fun and personal from the comfort of your home! The photos inserts are great for sharing memories with friends and loved ones, and will last a lot longer than flowers and chocolate!


And if you need to send something a little more than a card, they also offer unique gifts, to be sent with your card. Their gifts are mainly fair-trade or hand-made by local women owned businesses.

So you can not only send a card but for those friends that are near and dear to your heat, you can also send a gift. Your one stop shop for all your gifting needs.