Digital marketing industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years, giving the business world countless possibilities and opportunities. It has made businesses of all kinds to look out of the box when it comes to marketing and sales.

Digital marketing helps to clear all sorts of barriers which the marketing team otherwise face.

Moved far away from its infancy, digital marketing trends keep changing and take every possible turns to reach the onlookers.  In line with the growing popularity of digital marketing, job opportunities in the field is also increasing.

Let’s be updated and check out some of the latest digital marketing trends to watch in 2020.


Visual search become more popular

Imagine that you saw a new kind of fruit in a market and want to know what it is. You will definitely get its name from the shopkeeper, but simply taking a photo of it in Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered mobile phone will give you all that you want to know about it.

Mobile phone companies have already started upgrading camera functions with AI.  As and when such smartphones gain popularity among the users, ‘visual search’ will become an extremely resourceful digital marketing tool in the coming days.

Market studies have indicated that image recognition market is likely to witness huge growth in the coming years. When comes into effect, this technology is expected to be time saving and convenient for the users who are into industries like e-commerce and will become a milestone in search trends.


Potential of voice search likely to increase

Voice search helps people to find their requirements on internet by speaking to a device. Google’s voice search is one of the most used voice searches in the recent years, as this digital marketing company points out.

Voice search is already in use, but not as popular as text search is. However, things will change as more people digitally transform their lifestyles. Experts say an increase in the use of smart speakers in smart homes would take up voice search into another level.

Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant., Apple Siri are leading voice assistants in the industry.

Voice search is already popular among families in the developed nations and online marketers are tapping the potential of it.  Market researches show that by 2020, the majority of search on internet would be through voice and visual mediums.

Increasing user base of video search

As the internet became easily available and affordable, the number of people watching video content increased and it has become a powerful marketing tool since then. YouTube says it has over a billion users every month, which is almost one-third of total internet users. Moreover, people are now very much familiar with video calls. That means it is a good way to interact with billions of people across the globe.

Apart from entertainment, people look for videos to empower their knowledge, skills, and to understand things better. By analyzing a user’s previous search, a marketer can find potential customers.


Artificial Intelligence will find its space

AI is set to make history in the coming years as internet had done in the past.  It is expected to change the nature of digital marketing.

A recent IDC report predicts that spending on AI systems is forecast to grow at 44 percent to $35.8 billion in 2019.the report also says that enterprises will be spending $2.7 billion on sales process recommendation and automation.

Businesses are already using the AI-powered analytics and intelligence systems as part of their digital transformation process. Ever since the concept of the revolutionary Internet of Things has materialised, enterprises are researching on how to incorporate AI and machine learning with their marketing technologies and strategies.


Social media may take a back seat

Social media has been a revolutionary marketing tool in the last ten years. Platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram were most popular. But, things are expected to change in the coming years as new technologies take their spaces.

Market studies show that youngsters prefer to stay updated with cutting-edge technologies, while people at their mid-ages continue to use existing social media platforms.

Marketers observe this trend in two ways- an opportunity and a matter of concern. It is an opportunity for them to incorporate the most advanced technologies to interact with young and future customers. At the same time, it is a worrying factor because their reach to audience through these platforms will be down when social media dependence become less.


Email marketing remains strong

Email has a deep-rooted affection with every internet user and that makes it still dearer for digital marketers. The situation is likely to remain intact in the coming years as well.

Everyone crave for personalized care and emails are the best way to give that feeling.  Marketers have been experimenting with different ways to reach out to their customers. While social media campaigning targets a mass email marketing leads to individuals.

Experience has shown that personalized email marketing was more effective and therefore email is still a powerful weapon in marketers’ arsenal.


Cyber Security most important

While we have looked at the emerging technologies and trends its important to look at the associated threats. Cyber world has always been shadowed by hackers and ransomwares. Moreover, we cannot ignore chances for data leakage. We have seen the WannaCry ransomware attack in May 2017 worldwide.

While adopting various digital marketing tools and technologies, strategists must take necessary measures to keep cyber threats away and ensure that your interaction with customers is secure.


Become a digital marketing expert

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