In today’s post, I will be sharing with you the best emulators for playing the famous Call of Duty Mobile.

Since its release last October, Call of Duty Mobile has more than 100 million downloads. Every gamer, amateur or veteran, knows Call of Duty is the best game for PC.

Almost a year after public tests, CoD mobile was released on mobile, having fabulous graphics. It was expected to be released for many years. This is the first mobile first-person shooter game by CoD. Though it is optimized for playing on touch screens, it can be played on PC as well.

This makes it possible for everyone (people without a high-end phone) to play this game.

Here is a list of emulators.

Reasons to Play Call of Duty on PC

There are plenty of reasons for playing Call of Duty Mobile on PC.

  • You will have a bigger screen to play on, meaning you can play for a long time.
  • Good internet connection eliminates lagging. So, you can play smoothly.
  • Easier to improve your skills in battle.
  • Controlling your character will be easier with a keyboard and mouse.
  • Excellent graphics and fantastic animation.

Best Emulators to Play Call of Duty

The market is filled with tons of emulators; however, not every emulator is compatible and offers exceptional gaming experience.

Nox Player

One of the best on the emulator’s list is Nox Player. It is a virtual system that was created in Windows. A great thing about this emulator is that it has the capability to run all the apps and games quickly and smoothly.

What makes this emulator stand out from the crowd is its support for multiple control devices. A negative point for Nox is that you will have to manually assign the keys, which is not a huge problem.


Another remarkable emulator you can CoD on is Bluestacks. It might not be a light program, but it is one of the most commonly used emulators. This is the first emulator to allow mobile games to be played on PC. Unfortunately, Bluestacks require virtualization technology to make sure it runs smoothly. When it comes to CoD, it is capable of running it seamlessly.


The best emulator for playing CoD on PC is LDPlayer. It will assign the controls automatically, so you will not have to do it. You will not have to download this game from any other place; it can be directly downloaded from Play Store.

Moreover, the emulator will run CoD smoothly, without any lag. The excellent graphics and bigger screen will make you a champion.

Therefore, Call of Duty is a popular game and most played game on PC. Since this game was recently released for mobile, you will need Call of Duty: Mobile PC emulator to play this game. LDPlayer is an excellent emulator that will make sure you have outstanding gaming experience.

Which emulator do you use? Let us know in the comments below.