How To Learn Any Skill In Under 20 Hours

Learning any skill under 20 hours sounds ridiculous. However, it is not impossible. Take the example of academic writing or college term paper writing. Every student is asked to write an essay or a paper on a particular topic every now and then during college. Many students do not have or cannot manage the essential elements needed to write a paper. Sufficient time, adequate knowledge and awareness of the topic to write on, research and fast writing skills. Such people either cannot write fast and not manage time or just have no knowledge on the topic at hand. However, sweat not because you can still learn how to write a college term paper fast and easily.


The Barriers to Learning Something

  • It is common human nature. Youll hear your friends or family say something like ‘learning a new language would be so insightful and fun’. However, they will never commit to it. They do not take out the time to think WHY they like a particular thing so that makes it impossible to make it a priority.
  • People get intimidated. Learning new skills may often make you feel like you’re not perfect if you cant achieve the best results. This develops fear and uncertainty which makes your brain freak out.
  • When learning a new skill for the first time, you cannot just expect yourself to be the best at it. Yes, you will be bad at it. However that is the whole point of learning a new skill. Time and practise makes perfect. However, people are not willing to be patient.


Methods You Can Follow To Achieve A Skill

  • Set a specific target. Make sure to choose only one skill and not multiple skills. This may confuse you. If you choose to decide to learn how to form and write a college term paper and then decide to learn a new language at the same time, your priorities may get mixed up.
  • Deconstruct the skill you’ve chosen to learn. When writing a term paper, you can divide it into brainstorming, reading the question, studying the topic or reading the chapter you are required to write a paper on, making pointers on the topic, dividing your answer into paragraphs and writing each paragraph in 5 minutes. Learn how to manage your time wisely and divide your time appropriately. Take a few minutes to read the question and understand. Start tackling the parts you think are easy. Do not overwhelm yourself.
  • Do adequate research. Get a book on it. Ask your friends and ask for advise from your teachers. Search the internet or google for tips on writing.
  • Anything that makes you not focus on your skill should be cut out of your schedule. Get rid of any distractions , anything that makes you not focus on writing. Always keep a pen and paper at hand so that you don’t slack off or make excuses to start practising the next day.

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