Artist Leonid Afremov is taking the artworld by storm with his vibrantly colourful palette knife paintings however little is known about the artist so we thought we’d uncover a few truths


A little about Afremov

Leonid Afremov is one of the most distinguished contemporary artists of our era, known for his unusual painting manner Impasto technique. By laying oil paint in thick overlapping strokes, he creates a layered texture that gives his paintings a distinct three-dimensional sense.

Looking for new impressions and fresh ideas, Leonid has travelled to numerous countries taking in everything he saw to tell it in the language of color on one of his bright, eye-striking canvasses. Creative, cheerful and dreamy like himself, they convey a strong positive message filling your heart with peace, harmony and delight.


What makes Leonid Afremov paintings so special?

After years of creative experiments, Afremov has developed his own painting manner that makes his pictures immediately recognizable and uniquely appealing. How is it different from what we usually call art?

Instead of brushes, Afremov uses a palette knife to achieve vibrant and colourful visual effects. Pressing the blade down at different angles allows him to apply strokes of different size and shape, from large chunky splashes to the finest lines drawn with the very tip of the knife.

Afremov paintings strike the eye with a rich colour palette. They resemble motley patchworks where all shades of the spectrum are combined into one cheerful mixture, so vivid the eye can barely hold it. That’s why people find his canvas pictures so fascinating and positive.

What genres and motifs are represented on Afremov paintings?

Like every artist, Leonid has his own creative preferences. While striving for versatility and trying his skillful hand in different genres, he predominantly paints:

  • Vibrant cityscapes depicting rain-soaked streets, quiet autumn parks and lover couples strolling down lantern-lit alleys.
  • Captivating and thought-provoking landscapes.
  • Imaginative flower sets and still life’s.
  • Impressionist-style celebrity portraits.

During his long and prolific career, Afremov has created hundreds of remarkable artworks, you’ll find numerous paintings available for sale, from original canvasses to 100% hand-painted recreations of earlier works. While constantly producing new material, Leonid also keeps revising and tweaking his old sketches in line with his maturing vision. Even in dull copy-making routine, we see the work of his ever-searching soul.

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