Getting a federal job is a dream come true for every job seeker. These jobs, apart from being well-paid, also come with numerous perks. In the US, the average salary of a federal job is over $54,000. Therefore, many people consider such a job a golden opportunity in shaping up their professional career. This has resulted in enhanced competition for these jobs.

The basic requirement for federal jobs, apart from the relevant qualification, is life experience degree. In this post, we have compiled all the relevant information related to life experience degree that you need to know. Continue reading!


What is a Life Experience Degree?

A life experience degree is quite different from the other degrees. One gets this degree on the basis of their practical skills. The skills and abilities of the candidate are evaluated and they are issued a certificate, known as life experience degree. This certificate depicts their capability and skills.

When getting a life experience degree, it is recommended to be careful while selecting the institute as there are chances of becoming a victim to a scam. This is why it suggested going for an accredited university. Instead of issuing this certificate merely on the basis prior qualifications and experience of a candidate, an accredit university, ask them to appear in a competency exam. Once this exam is cleared, a life experience degree is issued. It is important to know that a candidate looking to get this certificate from an accredited university is not required to take general education classes prior to attempting the exam.


How a Life Experience Degree Differs from Other Degrees?

As stated above, a life experience degree and other qualification degrees differ vastly. The basic difference both of them is that they the former is a certification given on the basis of skills of an individual while the latter are obtained on the completion of a fixed number of credit hours. There are no theories to be studies or courses to be completed to get a life experience degree as is the case with other degrees.


Life Experience Degree for Federal Jobs

Federal jobs come with greater responsibility. Therefore, they come with additional requirements as well. This is why a life experience degree is made mandatory for the candidates to obtain in order to apply for federal jobs. This degree gives their potential employer an idea of the skills and ability a person possesses. This information helps in deciding whether the candidate is suitable for the job they have applied for or not.

To sum it up, a life experience degree is inevitable if you want a federal job. However, it is important to get it from a reputed institute. When selecting the institute, be tactful in your approach and consider various factors when selecting one. If the decision is taken in a haste, it can affect your professional life adversely and you miss out on grabbing attractive job opportunities in the future.