Are you thinking of getting life experience degree? In recent times, the job market has become competitive. This is why to have the right job, you need to have excellent credentials. With a University degree, you will be able to stand out and increase the probability of getting noticed. Unfortunately, attending a university requires you to spend a lot of time and money. Not everyone can go to college because of various reasons.

To overcome this problem, a brilliant solution was introduced. You can get college credit for your work or life experience. Earning college credit for your work and life experience is gaining popularity rapidly. This is because the average age of college students is increasing. In this article, we have listed ways through which you can get college credit.


Keep reading to know how to get life experience degree:


Certification and Training

There are some organizations that offer courses and training for their employees. Such organizations teach everything to their employees, from C++ programming to financial or technical management. These organizations ask the American Council on Education (ACE) to review their training programs. They have a College Credit Recommendation Service (CREDIT) for reviewing the programs to make sure they meet the standards and requirements.

If the training programs meet the college standards, then college credit will be offered once the training is completed.



Another way to get college credit for life experience is through challenge exams. There are various types of tests developed for determining what the students have learned about the college levels subjects. For taking the tests, you need to pay a small fee and there is no age limitation; anyone can take such exams.

There are three types of exams to get a life experience degree. They are:

  • Excelsior College Credit by Exam
  • DSST Standardized Subject Tests
  • College Level Exam Program (CLEP)

The most common exam for obtaining a life experience degree is the College Level Exam Program. There are total 2,900 accredited colleges, which accept the result of CLEP. This exam has 33 subject exams and 5 general exams.


Assessment Portfolio

If you love to write papers and essays, you might want to consider creating a portfolio. When you put together a portfolio including academic essays and papers, you can earn college credit for it. You might be eligible for getting college credit for your work experience if you meet the following requirements:

  • You have knowledge that is not in the textbooks theory.
  • You have proof of your competency in the selected subject, such as reports, articles, videos, and business plans.
  • Challenge exam is not offered for the selected subject.
  • You like to write reports and papers.

Most of the colleges require you to submit your portfolio for review. Moreover, you must enroll in the course for learning how to form a portfolio.

Therefore, it is now possible to earn college credit for your work experience. This is a wonderful way to get a college degree while saving your time, money, and effort.