Christmas is just around the corner, and it’s time to look for fun and trendy accessories to make your Christmas enjoyable! Join the festivities in an unprecedented way with light up accessories. Light up accessories get you noticed at a party, or an event, and  make your boring clothes look new and trendy. Light up accessories consist of small LED lights that are safe and  fashionable. 



Think of fashion accessories you already wear and let your imagination run wild. Light up accessories come in just as many styles and variations. You can opt for light up  hats or headbands, flashing necklaces, or even tiny lights to attach to your boring old sweaters to give them a new look. This adds fun and creativity to your wardrobe. LED lights are a perfect example of technology incorporated into fashion and  festivity. These cute accessories and light up sweaters will make you fashionable and funky, so you can dazzle all your friends at your  Christmas festivities. The most popular light up accessories include Christmas hats, Christmas candy sticks, USB charms, LED lapel pins, Lit-up cushions and more.  The quality of light up accessories can vary, so be ready to invest in high end products with more advanced and interactive features. When you make a substantial purchase of small accessories or full clothing pieces be sure to test everything you buy, so you can arrange replacements in time for the party.



The latest fashion trends are interactive. This allows you to control the lights you are wearing from your phone with a Bluetooth connection. You can remotely change the colors of the lights on your sweater, or dim them down, or turn them on and off using your Android or IOS phone. These cutting edge technologies can even make the lights on your outfit flash to the beat of the music or change only when you move using movement sensors.   



 Every Christmas we decorate our house and we decorate our tree, and many of us acquire new accessories for the holiday season. Let’s take it a step further. Once you’ve outfitted your home, yourself and your Christamas tree with adornments, take a look at one of the most popular fashions during the Christmas season, ugly Christmas sweaters with light up elements. What would Christmas be without lights? And what better way to make your gaudy Christmas sweater even more so, but to add colorful flashing light?

The addition of lights to any of your boring old sweaters can add a wow factor in this snowy season, and make you shine..  Imagine how you’ll look outside with the snow gently falling on you in your ugly sweater covered with lights. You’ll be particularly highlighted against the snow white backdrop.




 Lighted up sweaters and accessories need to be taken care of even more attentively than those without lights, so they can be used efficiently and last long.  Light up clothing and accessories will end up costing you more than their plane jane counterparts, so when you are spending a little extra, you’ll need to take  a little extra care. Following are some tips to help you care for your light up accessories and sweaters properly

  •  Keep your clothes and accessories with LED lights away from fluids, which will ruin the circuitry of the electronic components. Usually, the lights on such accessories or clothes are removable in order to wash them.
  •  Avoid wearing your new outfits around pools or in boats or bodies of water, just to be on the safe side.
  • Keep your lighted up sweaters and accessories away from excessive heat. They are sensitive to heat and exposure to hot temperatures.
  • Overcharging can cause damage and shorten the life of the batteries.
  • Hand wash your LED light clothing and accessories to make them last as long as possible. Avoid washing machines and dryers that can cause damage.



Why Should You Use Light Up Accessories?

The best part of beefing up your Christmas wardrobe with light up accessories and flashing ugly sweaters is that once Christmas ends you can bust them out for New Years Eve! Then just take them clubbing or to neighborhood house parties and fun function. When Halloween rolls around you’ll be ready to go and your kids will be safe walking around on dark streets. Get in now on the this unique and fun fashion trend. Light up your shoes, sweaters, accessories and anything else you can think of. You’ll be magnificent!