Grupeer is a platform that has originated from Latvia and has become highly popular among the Peer to Peer Lending platforms in a very short period. Grupeer launched its door for public in 2017 and since then have gained over four thousand investors which are running their business and gaining through the shares progressively. This Grupeer review will give you a defined outline about the platform and its work.

Grupeer’s annual return for the investors ranges averagely about three percent more than the Mintos, a competitor company that works for the same purpose. Grupeer is still a small platform than its competitor companies but has gained the trust of people more in a very short while which makes it extremely popular for P2P lending investment.


How does Grupeer Work?

Grupeer is a platform that offers pre-funded loans for people so they can invest in it. It is basically a marketplace for investors as they find an opportunity to expand and grow their business. This is done because they free their money in investment and loans. As you might have understood by now, that Grupeer offers loans for business and real estate. You cannot utilize this platform for personal loans because they consist of far more risks and involve higher fault rate.

One prominent feature of Grupeer is, that most of the loans involved in it are non-amortized. By this, we mean that the principal payment is carried out at the end of the term of any loan and all the monthly payments consist of interest only. Grupeer has recently worked on this aspect of their system to implement amortized loans too. The difference you can find here is that partly payment of the principal is given each month during the period of the loan. The interest rate is calculated from the principal that remains. Besides this, Grupeer has also provided the feature of collateral loan protection. This area of loan involves in providing the security that the loan is fully covered by collateral i.e. other assets. When collateral is involved, there comes a buyback guarantee, which rid you from the risks involved.


Reasons to Invest in Grupeer

Grupeer is one of the most efficient and excellent platforms to invest in high interest business and real estate loans which are pre-funded, as well as offers you buyback guarantee.


  1. Loans for Real Estate and Business

Grupeer offers loan limited to the area of real estate and business development. Such loans only offer you to add diversity to your P2P experience. You might have observed comparisons of Grupeer and Mintos, however, one prominent difference among them is that Mintos focuses more on personal loans. There are many other competitors in the market such as Envestio, Crowdestate etc. but they might involve risks. This is because they do not offer buyback guarantee protection, which makes Grupeer the star of the P2P platforms.


  1. Zero Default Rate

It is important to mention here that Grupeer’s default rate is zero. This means, that all the loans were paid regularly on time without any problems. This kind of performance cannot be expected from all platforms, which makes it so popular. Grupeer’s dedication can be seen from here how the team is working hard to pic up the best businesses and real estate projects so they can invest your money in. Other companies offer about five to ten percent default rate, which makes Grupeer the best of the best!


  1. Higher Return

When it comes to discussing higher returns of the platform, the average rate is about fourteen percent. Which is far above the return that Mintos offers. Other companies such as Crowdestate or Envestio also have higher return rates, but this does not make them safe to use. They still involve the risk factor for not having buyback guarantee.


  1. Cashback Campaigns

Cashback campaigns are excellent ways to enhance and increase the returns on your platform in the marketplace. If not every time, they still offer you multiple benefits in some way or another which is why these are an excellent feature of Grupeer. In case you are looking for investment in loans which have cashback campaigns, you can find the ones which have the EUR signature inside of the blue circle.


Guaranteed Safety

One of the best things why Grupeer is cheered on around by such a large following is the safety factor it provides. The platform has developed trust in its clients and investors from their work and dedication, and this has helped them gain a lot of more work in just two years. Grupeer is a group of talented professionals and employees who are working passionately to help and cooperate with everyone fairly in the business world. This characteristic of them makes Grupeer safe to use, as well as trustable. Like any new investments, you can understand the risks involved in this area of business, which is why safety is a huge factor to make your name in the marketplace.


Special Features of Grupeer

  • Offers higher returns, more than the average of the market.
  • Focuses especially on the real estate and business loans.
  • Offers he protection of Buyback guarantee on all loans t
  • The default rate of Grupeer is zero.
  • Timely Payments
  • Detailed information provided for every loan. Specified details unlike other platforms in the industry.
  • Offers the option to Auto Invest in business and real estate projects. This helps in prioritizing your loans with the highest returns.
  • Excellent client support and clear responses on part of the team.



Grupeer has worked passionately for the past two years to bring its name into the spotlight; and it is a pleasure to see how far they have come. They have gained the position of one of the brightest stars in the investment marketplace, with excellent customer support and zero default rate. Besides this, they also offer buyback guarantee, which makes them the obvious choice for future investments. You can trust Grupeer with your money and relax while they do the work. Safety and high returns are guaranteed!