SEO and Local SEO are completely different.

And the difference?

Your company succeeding or failing in your local market.

In this article the head campaign strategist from Surrey SEO is going to explain to you exactly why Local SEO is worth its weight in gold and why the money in your bank account is probably a bigger risk to you than utilizing a local campaign.


The basics:

Since the inception of Google people have been scrambling to figure out how to rank their business to the number one spot on search results. Years of trial and error have allowed a select few to dominate rankings while the rest of the pack has to rely on bus stop ads or cold calling…

No thanks.

Google is the most powerful business asset available to your company but you need to understand how to make it work for you and not against you.

Enter SEO. Optimizing your website and the links to it have a positive effect on your search ranking. The higher you rank the more people see your business.

The more people see you = the more money for vacation next year instead of that second job you dread.

As a matter of fact: 88% sales from the internet start on Google.


The average person thinks that you can’t rank well in Google anymore. They think all the real estate is taken and only the people who have been doing it for years or have massive budgets can make it work.

I can assure you:

That’s simply not the case.


Here’s why:

Googles algorithms understand something called “user intent.” Its just a fancy way of saying that when you search something, they know what you are actually looking for. They know this based on what your data, what other people have said and clicked, and your location.

If you search on your phone for a “Dentist in Vancouver” you will easily find a dentist in Vancouver.


What if you search just “dentist near me”?

You will STILL find a dentist in Vancouver as long as you are located there.

This is the value of Local SEO as this local SEO Vancouver company points out. You are targeting actual customers near by and not random strangers on the other side of the globe. Once you start to investigate who is or isn’t doing SEO in your local market you will see quickly:

Its possible. And it’s a smart move.


What we have learned so far:

  • SEO is a potentially exponential investment (if you can make it work)
  • Google knows your customers intention
  • Local SEO and regular SEO are completely different things
  • You can STILL rank page #1 for high converting search terms


So, how do you do it?

Two things:

Backlinks & Content.

We’ll get into backlinks later but let’s start with content.

Content is such a boring word I almost lose interest as I type it.

Think of content as: “Eye Glue”


What is “Eye Glue”?

Whatever keeps the user staring at your website and not your competitors.

Bad Eye Glue = I see your page and immediately return to Google. (Not a good sign)

Good Eye Glue = Anything people will read till the end

Perfect Eye Glue = Anything people will read and then take action (like call you, or fill out a form)

This can be sales copy, case studies of your business, before any after photos, or even a cute picture of your dog sleeping upside down in the office. Whatever keeps people engaged and on your page is what Google will rank better.

One Caveat: It needs to be relevant. You don’t want a picture of Kim Kardashian on your Dental website just because people like to look at it…




Okay, so what are backlinks?

Backlinks are simply: Links to your website from other websites.

So, if CNN linked to your website saying “Best Dentist in Vancouver”, you can be quite confident you will be ranking extremely well for that term and other terms related to it.

Links are hard to come by but they aren’t impossible. A good link strategy that analyzes your main competitors can in a fairly predictable way outrank them.


The best part:

Instead of having to learn the complexities of these topics and spend countless hours in front of your computer screen neglecting your loved ones and drinking far too many energy drinks:

You can just hire an SEO team.

A good SEO team will have a proven track record and a solid set of systems in place. Find a team who has had client success in the past.

Some keywords are extremely easy to rank because nobody searches them. You need to figure out what each teams result have been for their clients. My clients see an average of 4.5x return on their investment with my SEO consulting. Dig for information when dealing with SEO consultants.

How do you find these great teams?

Well, for instance: If you live in Surrey BC, you might search: “SEO Surrey” in Google.

A page of results will show up after your search. Contact the teams that are ranking page #1 and near the top.


Because they know SEO.

For more information on learning about SEO I strongly recommended going to popular blogs like moz to get a solid grasp on how SEO works down to its core.

The information will always be relevant and valuable to anyone in the world of business.

Until next time.