Terrace roofing – types, prices and most important information


The roofing of the terrace is very beneficial. A roof over the terrace will allow you to enjoy the time spent outdoors regardless of the aura outside. In summer, the roof over the terrace will provide the desired shade, in rainy weather it will protect us from the rain. However, before we start building, we should learn as much as possible about how to properly roof the terrace. What materials should be used for roofing the terrace? Below we present the most important information in this matter.

Design and materials for terrace roofing


Terrace roofs are usually made of wood. For example, it can be made entirely of glued laminated wood. Polycarbonate is an excellent roofing material. An interesting visual effect can be achieved with transparent panels. Solid polycarbonate as a panel material is not only aesthetic but also functional and durable.

This roofing company Amarillo Texas offering a roof over the terrace suggests polycarbonate as reliable, practical and very decorative. Polycarbonate makes it possible to make various roof constructions. A roof over a small terrace can be fixed to the façade and constitute a self-supporting structure. Polycarbonate is fixed in a special frame made of aluminum profiles.

The roofing of the terrace with larger dimensions uses a sub-construction made of wood or steel. Of course, in this case the price will be higher. Polycarbonate, as a material for terrace roofing, makes it possible to create interesting architectural forms of various shapes depending on expectations and design.

Polycarbonate on the roof over the terrace is available in several varieties. Solid polycarbonate is characterized by high resistance to various external factors, but its price is higher. Chamber polycarbonate is light but durable, its price is lower. Polycarbonate panels can be powder coated, but the most effective are semi-transparent polycarbonate and raw aluminium. Polycarbonate is a very often used material for the roof over the terrace, but it is not the only one option that we have.

Many companies like Lasaro Shop for example offer comprehensive services from design to roofing with the use of many different materials. Possible combinations include a roof over the terrace made of glass and wood, steel and glass as well as aluminum profiles.

However, if you decide on a brick roofing of the terrace or made entirely of wood, you can use skylights to brighten the terrace. The roof lights are available in different shapes and materials. Roof lights are often made of transparent or semi-transparent plastics. There is a possibility to design them on special order, or to buy ready-made models.

Both options have their supporters and opponents, skylights made to measure will meet our expectations, but will be more expensive than available in the standard.

The roof lights are, among others, available in the form of polycarbonate chamber plates in the construction of aluminum profiles. Polycarbonate is a very versatile construction material with very good properties and high resistance to weather conditions.

Terrace roofing- construction made of wood or aluminium?

The materials that can be used for terrace canopies come in many different forms. Basically, the choice of material can be divided into two steps. On the one hand, the suitable material for the construction must be chosen, and on the other hand a proper canopy system.

Over time, two materials have proven to be suitable for the construction. Thus, the most frequently chosen constructions are made of wood or aluminium. In the following text, we outline the advantages and disadvantages of wood and aluminium in the construction of a terrace canopy.

Construction made of wood:

A wooden construction is very stable and sturdy. Compared to aluminium, this natural raw material is slightly less expensive. Depending on which type of wood is used, the price for a construction can vary significantly.

A special advantage, that is only given by a wooden construction, is the possibility of further shaping. If desired, a nail can simply be placed on the supporting beams or the crossbars to hang up garden accessories or hanging flower pots.

In terms of appearance, wood is also very versatile. It can be painted over with opaque paints or only be glazed. This way, the construction of the terrace canopy can be matched to the garden or house.

As wood is quite heavy, this is one of the main disadvantages. A solid foundation is needed. Furthermore, wood is not weatherproof, so it must be treated from time to time.

Construction made of aluminium:

Although aluminium is a little more expensive, it can be worth the money. On the one hand, aluminium is a very light metal. For this reason, no heavily fortified foundation is necessary. Furthermore, a metal like aluminium is very weather-resistant. When dirt accumulates over several years, it is sufficient to clean the construction with a garden hose.

The colouring is somewhat limited due to a missing texture, like wood. Nevertheless, aluminium can be painted in many different colours. Apart from the costs, there is only a small disadvantage with an aluminium construction. Drilling holes for nails is not recommended. Aluminium constructions can lose stability due to changes in the statics.