Local SEO Tips for Your Real Estate Website

Nowadays,  a huge number of people are going into the real estate business. However, their businesses are small and start as local ones. So, if you belong to the same group, you can start a local real estate business too. The only thing that would be necessary is a real estate website.

If you already have one, it is time for you to think about executing the SEO for it. Here are some tips on how you can carry out SEO properly for your website. You can also take the service support of an SEO agency.


Tips for a local real estate website SEO

The tips given here can be the best for the SEO process for your local real estate website. Take a look:

1.     Carry out an audit

You can carry out an audit regarding the traffic your website is getting when you have an SEO specialist initiate the process. This will help you to understand the actual results of the SEO after you initiate it. Consider checking the following things while carrying out an audit on your local real estate website:

  • The level of organic traffic you are getting
  • The local rank of your website
  • The number of clients you can get

2.     Optimize the site

There are several things you can attach to your website and the content you upload on it. Some of them are given here:

  • Relevant URLs
  • Images with source links or original photos that you have clicked or edited
  • Redirects to other pages containing relevant information

Other ways of optimizing the site are proper keyword analysis and generation of the meta description. It might be tough for you to carry out proper keyword analysis and for this, you might need the service of the SEO specialist.

Furthermore, if your site is local, you might need to increase its credibility. Following are some elements that can improve the site’s credibility:

  • W3C Validation
  • XML sitemap
  • SSL Certificate

The above things are all available online but you might have to invest a certain amount of money in purchasing these. Moreover, it might not be a one-time investment as you have to renew things.

3.     Be active on the website

Your activity on your local real estate business website can largely determine if the viewers might repeatedly visit it or not. There are some ways you can be active on your business website. They are as follows:

  • Upload both on-page and off-page content more often
  • Make sure there are no broken links on your website
  • Answer all the queries of your potential customers (consider each website viewer as your potential customer)

4.     Work on the accessibility of your website

In case you do not have proper knowledge regarding the technicalities of the website, you have to rely on the SEO agency for improving the accessibility of the website. It is also the responsibility of a website designer to check if the website has the following things all correct:

  • Appearance of the website
  • Navigations and links
  • Location of the business and the contact numbers mentioned on the website



Generally, no businessmen ever get time to look after their websites in reality. They mostly take the service from a website designer and an SEO agency. So, if you also desire your local real estate website to provide you with benefits, you need to choose both of these wisely.

Choosing an SEO specialist can be challenging as there are a lot of parameters that you need to keep in mind. However, you can ask for quotes and choose a firm that is again, local.


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