Why You Should Collect 1/6 Scale Figures?

There is just something about collecting 1/6 scale figures that makes it very satisfying. Chances are that you have friends who already collect hot toys figure. It is about 12 inches tall depending on the hero or character and boasts a variety of features. The detail with which 1/6 scale figures are made is incomparable.

Some notable 1/6 scale figures that you might be interested in collecting include Ghost of Battlefield, Black Skull, Starship Force Team Leader, Catastrophe Planet Godmesuer Soldier, and Cyberlife: Kara. You will find the action figures to offer everything that you are looking for. Each action figure comes with some extras which bring the figure to life. You can change its appearance and weapons based on your preferences. If you are still not convinced, you need to read on as the following reasons will convince you to get a 1/6 scale figure.

  1. Perfect for Action Lovers

Do you love action? Then, you need to get your hands on 1/6 scale figures. Many of us are fascinated by action movies. You may find the superheroes and villains to be inspiring and want to have their action figures with you. There are plenty of action figures that allow you to create your favorite action scenes and try out different techniques. You will have a ton of fun when you play with the action figures. They are designed for all ages. Therefore, you do not have to feel that you should not be buying the figure. It will allow you to carry out the action scenes as many times as you want and feel like you are a part of it.

  1. Die-Hard Fan of Action Figures

Another reason to get 1/6 scale figures is that you might be a die-hard fan of action figures. There is no reason to fear ordering one as it will satisfy all your action figure cravings. You might have always wanted to get one but not have convinced yourself to do so. Each character has many qualities that you might be drawn to. By collecting the action figures, you get to fulfill your cravings. We all aspire to get something and you might just be someone who dreams of collecting 1/6 scale figures.

  1. Passion to Collection

If you are someone who has a passion to collect, you will find 1/6 scale figures to be the perfect option. It can be fun to collect action figures. You can have a dedicated space for all your collectibles. It feels good to collect something and action figures make for the best choice. You can start small by getting a few action figures from a specific series and expanding your collection over time. It is important that you satisfy your desire for owning a collection.

  1. Superior In Paint Application and Design

When you order 1/6 scale figures from the toys era, you get to benefit from superior paint application and design. As the action figures are 12 inches rather than the standard 6 inches, there is more space leading to more detail. The final product that will be sent to your address will leave you satisfied. It makes sense to go with an option that has been painted with excellence in mind and has a design that is impeccable. You cannot go wrong with these action figures. Hence, all you have to do is order one now.

  1. Offers a Mix Of Both Hard Plastic Goods And Soft Goods

In addition to the above, you should collect 1/6 scale figures because they offer a mix of both hard plastic goods and soft goods (ie – cloth and leather jackets, pants, and other outfit materials). You can get action figures that wear pants, leather jackets, shirts, and other types of outfits. It can be entertaining to change their clothes and improve their appearance based on your preferences. The figures are designed to be customizable. You can add a personal touch to your figures as you like.

  1. Accurate Likeness To Your Favorite Characters

Let’s face it. We all have favorite characters no matter what show or movie we watch. You might like Wolverine, Joker, Batman, Superman, or any other character. Hence, you want to get action figures that truly resemble your favorite characters. This is where the 1/6 scale figures truly shine. They are created with attention to detail in mind. The action figure you receive will look just like the character you see on screen. It does not get better than this. As the action figures will look just like your favorite characters, you need to get as many of the action figures as you want.

  1. Figures Can Be “Posed” In Different Diorama Settings

A great reason to get 1/6 scale figures is that they can be created with different diorama settings for different poses. This means that you get to create an interesting look for your collection. Now, you can show it off to your friends and let them know about your unique collection. Post about it online and become the talk of the school. It is always a good idea to get figures in different poses that do not look like any other action figure.

  1. Highly Collectible and Often Go Up In Price

Finally, you should start a 1/6 scale figures collection because it will prove to be highly collectible. In fact, there is a possibility of its price increases with time. Thus, you get to make the most of it in the meantime while the price increases. Then, you will have the option to sell it online and fetch a much higher price for a handsome profit. It should be reason enough to start your collection.



Once you have finished reading our post, you will know why you need to start collecting 1/6 scale figures. It is the perfect time to begin your collection. You will be amazed by the variety of options and how much you can make after some time since action figures are always in demand.