Experienced travelers know the importance of bringing home a unique souvenir after a trip, to commemorate a lifelong experience with your loved ones. Souvenirs are also great for preserving memories of the various destinations you’ve been to. If you will be visiting London any time soon, you could be wondering what items you should buy during your time there.

Well, you will be happy to know that London is home to some of the best quality souvenirs anyone can ever find. For starters, the city has experienced artists who make beautiful London-inspired wall art canvases for art lovers to buy at affordable prices. Grab several of those and give them to your loved ones. Remember to save one for your home decoration. An art canvas from London makes the perfect addition if you are especially thinking of home remodeling. You can never go wrong with London art when it comes to house decor.

London is known for its various edible and exquisitely delicious souvenirs. So whenever you plan to visit London in your next travel or road trip with your international driving permit UK, here are some souvenirs that you and your family would love:


  1. A London-made Gin

Locally produced drinks, especially gin, are in abundance in Soho. You can bring a couple of those back home for your alcohol enthusiastic friends. Some of your best options are ELLC Barrel Aged, Jensen’s Old Tom, and Little Bird London Dry Gin.

But before you make any purchases, first confirm if your country allows the importation of alcoholic beverages and if yes, what the quantity limits are. Also, remember that bottles can be fragile, so you should wrap your gin well to avoid breakages.

  1. London-themed mugs

There isn’t a better gift for your mom or wife than a London-themed mug. You will also love these mugs if you are a collector. And because there are tons of gift shops in Central London that sell beautiful mugs, it will be very convenient for you to buy, pack, and carry the mugs to the airport.

  1. Teapots

When you visit London, be sure to do things like a Londoner. The tradition of taking afternoon tea is one of the key things that will make you a true Londoner for the time you will be there. The tea is yummy, the tea joints are lovely, and the locals can be very friendly if you show a genuine interest in the things they love.

Now that you’ve had a great experience taking British tea, why not bring home a piece of that experience in the form of teapots or teacups?

  1. An umbrella

You probably associate London with the rainy weather. You are right. Locals here love their umbrellas because they are always prepared for drizzles. If you think of it, maybe that is the reason why James Smith & Sons have, for the last couple of decades, been creating unique, luxurious, and beautiful London-themed umbrellas. These umbrellas stand apart from other umbrellas due to their creative and unique design. Buy one for yourself and when going back home, find a few affordable pieces for your loved ones.

  1. Vinyl records

Do you have a music lover on your gift list? Or are you a music lover? If either of the cases is relevant to you, then the best souvenir to buy is a vinyl record. Every music lover knows that London is home to some of the most talented legends in the world’s stage of music, including John Lennon, Davie Bowie, and Eric Clapton.

  1. A Burberry trench coat

Bring some British fashion to your house with a Burberry trench coat. The coat will not only be your constant memory of the cold evenings you had in London but also a good addition to your wardrobe. The coat is inspired by World War 1 military attires, even though the designs have evolved greatly over the years. The coats can be a bit pricey but worth every penny. But, if you want to save your money for other things, there are great shopping deals online for you to shop.

  1. Some magical merchandise

If you love magic, then some Harry Potter merchandise will be great souvenirs. London has many gift shops that are Harry Potter-themed, so you will find one without any hassles. The shops sell wizard books, robes, among other Harry Potter signature wands. If you have time, visit the store at the Harry Potter Studio Tour for even more souvenirs. However, if you’re tight with time, but have a potter head on your gift list, you can also find various shops in London that offer Harry Potter merchandise online.


Final Thoughts

Shopping is surely one of the must-dos when in London. The city has something for all types of shoppers. If you want cheap stuff, you will find many quality items in the many souvenir shops along Oxford Street. If you want high-end brands, the city has tons of those too.

One more thing: Don’t forget to shop for the right fashion items before going to London, especially warm clothes for the chilly London weather.