Casino games are tough to beat. They were designed to give an advantage to the house. So, is there a way to cheat in casino games?

Sure, there are ways to cheat casino games, but you can never do this online. The exception to this is if you are a computer programmer who can successfully hack a network. Today, let us look at the most common ways gamblers cheat casino games.


Cheat Сodes

If you have access to the programming devices of slot machines, you can alter the code to make the game produce results in your favor. The most notorious case of cheating in slot machines involves a man named Ronald de Harris. Ronald was an engineer for the Nevada Gaming Commission and used his authority and knowledge to cheat in slots.

He had an accomplice, Redi McNeal, to execute their crime. Ronald’s job was to analyze slot machine software and detect if it had vulnerabilities. As an engineer, he manipulated the code of the machines with an erasable programmable read-only memory or EPROM. What this did was to control the amount of money that the slot machine disbursed.

The problem was that they became greedy. Both Ronald and his accomplice tried to take a substantial amount from the slot machines and got caught. Ronald was indicted, tried and sentenced to seven years in jail.


Fake Coins

If you could, you would manufacture fake coins that slot machines would accept. Instead of using real cash, you drop these counterfeit coins in the slot to win real money.

Slot machines use coin detectors. These machines know whether a coin is real or not. However, a man named Louis Colavecchio managed to make a fake coin that slot machines accepted.

Known as “The Coin,” he and his gang fabricated fake slot machine coins using hardened steel dies. They used the coins to wager on slot machines. The casinos, however, noticed that there was a surplus of coins in their operation. He got caught in 1998 and was released in 2006.


Card Marking

All you need to do this is to conspire with a casino team member, especially the dealer. There are various methods to mark cards, such as using ink and folding a tiny part of the card. A marked card tells the player what that card is, despite being face-down. As such, the player can make better decisions.

Has someone done this already? Yes, and his name is Anargyros Karabourniotis. He is famous for turning $50 to $40 million, all because of a card-marking scheme. He was caught on a video camera marking cards on a blackjack table. He won $8,000 in that sitting alone. His strategy was to sit on a spot where he is the last to receive the card before the dealer. As such, he could decide whether to draw another card or make the dealer go bust.



One of the most popular and most challenging to detect is collusion. It is the process of working with another player or dealer to give the player an advantage.

You can do this online, too. For example, you and your buddy can join the same poker casino online. Since you have visibility of the cards for both of you, it gives you the advantage to make better decisions.

Online casinos, however, have methods to detect this. For example, they can look for anomalies such as the same IP addresses between players. If your and your buddy’s IP are similar or close enough, the casino may kick one of you out.

The casino is also on the lookout for abnormal behavior. If you folded a pair of kings, and one of the other players had a pair of aces, this would look unusual. Typically, any poker player who has pocket kings will never fold.


Bonus Abuse

Many players sign up for casino accounts to get the bonus. A casino typically only offers a bonus to one person per household. Cheaters, however, find a way to mask their IP addresses so they can register several accounts. What they want is to win money without depositing. These players will get the bonus and play with it. If they lose, they will register a new account and start the cycle again and again until they win.

This method is cheating, as it violates the rules of online casinos. Casinos only allow one-time registration for each person. If you are not lucky from your bonus bets, then you must deposit your money to get to pay again.

Please don’t do it. If you think you are smart enough to figure out a way to cheat, never underestimate the people’s intelligence behind casinos. Just think about it: you are operating alone while many people are out there to get you. If you get caught, you will realize that it is not worth it.