Long Distance Relationship Tips That Keep The Spark Alive

Long distance relationships can be taxing emotionally, physically, and yes, sexually. Keeping the spark alive takes work and determination. Proximity remains tough, but you can be there for each other emotionally, and in some ways even physically and sexually. Intrigued? Well, the magic of modern sex toys and remote vibrators makes it possible. But that’s not all, and the needs of a relationship aren’t just sexual. So here are some long distance relationship tips that can make the distance seem shorter.


6 Hot Tips For Long Distance Couples

1. Don’t Shy Away From Remote Sex Toys

Yes, I’m starting there. Sexual gratification is an important aspect of romantic relationships. It’s also one that can go wholly unaddressed in long-distance relationships. Sex toys aren’t just for masturbation; modern toys can bring intimacy over distances. To start, get a quality remote vibrator. These aren’t regular, small range remotes, but capable vibrators that can be controlled over long distances. You can also check Tempting Alice webpage about long distance relationship sex toys.


Teledildonics has come a long way, and it is the friend of long-distance couples. In this system, the toy connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can control the toy on your smartphone through its included app. Better still, transfer control to your partner and let them control your vibrator. All you need is a good and stable internet connection, and distance becomes irrelevant to your intimacy!


Another, hotter option is pair-play sex toys. It follows the same theory as above, except both toys sync together. So rather than controlling a toy via remote, the couple can each enjoy their own sex toy. Each paired sex toy responds to the movements of its peer, creating an intense combination for the couple. It’s not as good as actually having sex, but it brings a level of intimacy otherwise missing from long-distance relationships.

2. Go Beyond Sexting

Sending raunchy texts and nudes to each other is awesome. Sexting is practically the mainstay for couples and is immensely enjoyable. But don’t limit yourself to sexting. Or rather, find ways to make it spicier and have it do more for you. Sexting is a means to an end, not the full course. Make it more interesting by adding other things to it.


Having specific email addresses to trade text and images is a nice touch. It removes the constraint of having everything on your “main” email accounts. You can each check your hot email address at leisure without the worry of someone looking over your shoulders.

3. Skype, FaceTime, And Other Things

Skype sex is a pretty common term and something couples in long-distance relations often enjoy. Of course, it doesn’t have to be Skype, use your platform of choice. FaceTime, WhatsApp… whatever rocks your boat.


Sexting and nudes are great, but the live-action version is always something special. Plus, it’s a better way to have a regular heart-to-heart conversation as well.

4. Try Roleplaying And Fantasies

Roleplaying and fantasies are great for relationships, long-distance or otherwise. Dive deep into your fantasies and get into something that can be satisfying for both of you. Play sexy fantasies and roles, and weave your fantasies into the story.


Make it a game or a continuing storyline with roles, quests, and actions. In the simplest sense, give your partner a task. Maybe ask them to masturbate only at a specific time, with the sex toy of your choice. Or, a scenario for nudes. Don’t forget to “reward” your partner for tasks well executed!

5. Make Plans For Your Times Together

A silver lining to long-distance relationships is the joy and purpose of being back together. Plan your time and think of all the nice things you will do once you’re both together. The erotic things, fun times, the long nights of talking, perhaps even signing up for dance classes! Hope for a brighter future can make things go smoothly and make the wait a little more bearable.


Oh, and when I say think of all the erotic things, I mean make a point to talk about sex-related things you will do together. Make it a nice tease that you can both look forward to – and something you will enjoy as things get hot. Heck, maybe even experiment some more on places and positions you’ll both take!

6. Keep The Emotional Connection Alive

The bedrock of any relationship is the emotional connection you have. While we talk about intimacy in a long-distance relationships, ensure you never lose that special connection you have with each other. Be involved in each-others lives, know what is going on with your partner at work or in their personal life. In short, be friends, confidants, and deeply involved with each other.


A healthy emotional relationship can be an amazing tool in overcoming distance and time. Be in constant touch and always available to your partner. While distances will breed sexual tension, don’t let it make its way to your emotional connection.

Love, Sex, And Long Distance

Long distance relations tend to take physical and emotional toll on couples. Thankfully, the modern world is equipped to help us deal better with such situations. Tough as the times are, make it a point to stay close and keep the flame alive. Stay in contact with each other through texts and calls. Where intimacy is concerned, you can rely on classics like Skype sex (or other platforms). Or take a step forward and enjoy sex toys. Modern remote vibrators with teledildonics can help bring a semblance of sexual intimacy to your relationship.