Uruguay is a beautiful country in South America. It is also one of the most liberal and entertaining. If you have never been to Uruguay, then Punta del Este is just the place you need to visit. It is the most popular resort that just about it all. With an iconic cityscape, incredible beaches and glamorous parties, visitors from around the world are attracted to the resort.

If you are planning a visit to South America, then Punta del Este is just where you to need head to. One simply cannot miss this coastal city. This post looks at why Punta del Este should be on your bucket list.


The Hand of Punta del Este

Known by locals as Mano de Punta del Este, The Hand of Punta del Este is a beautiful sculpture of a hand that has been submerged in sand. Located at Brava Beach, it is a popular destination in Punta del Este. Made by the famous Chilean artist Mario Irarrazabal, the sculpture was unveiled in the summer of 1982. Ever since then, the sculpture has become a huge hit among tourists and locals alike. It symbolizes Punta del Este. No trip to Punta del Este, Uruguay is complete without a tour to the Hand of Punta del Este.


Home to Some of the Best Art Museums

Punta del Este is home to some of the best art museums in all of Uruguay. The best part about the museums is that each one of them has its own appeal. Visit Casapueblo which is a former art workshop turned hotel and museum. It has its own unique architecture. Moreover, visitors can enjoy a stunning view of the Atlantic. If that is not enough for your art taste buds, then a trip to Ralli Museum is just what you need. It features exquisite pieces of contemporary and modern Latin American art.


Wide Range of Boutique and Luxurious Hotels

Spoil yourself by staying at one of luxurious wellness retreats in Punta del Este. Play at any of the five-star casinos or rejuvenate yourself at one of the spas. If you are planning on staying for a while, then there are deluxe apartments which can be rented.


Abundance of Beautiful Beaches

One of the reasons why tourists from around the world flock to Punta del Este is because of the abundance of beautiful beaches. Head over to the Playa Mansa which is a popular calm beach or Playa Brava that is a turbulent beach full of life. The beaches feature promenades and people can be found exercising, rollerblading or cycling on the beaches at all times. Families will find Playa Mansa to be a paradise as it is still and flat. However, if you are interested in surfing, then Playa Brava will keep you busy.


Vibrant and Busy Nightlife

Punta del Este has one of the best nightlife in the region. There is something for everyone. Attend a VIP party to see for yourself just how vibrant and busy the nightlife is. Nightclubs are always busy and stay open past 8am. Bottom of Form