In this modern age, we can all corroborate to the enlivening and stress mitigating benefits of having a pet around.

From entertaining ourselves with dog cuddles to having our cats crawl over us and give those frisky kitten kisses, we love to see these pets roaming around the house.

But do you know, apart from amusement, what else they’re providing us with? Physical relaxation as well as a stress free lifestyle. Yes!

A process called Pet Therapy is rapidly being practiced for people to get better, be it physically or mentally.

But are you giving your pets the lifestyle they deserve? Chin up because Wise Pets is here to solve your problem. As we’ll look into the products used to maintain a healthy lifestyle concerning pet therapy and their benefits, you’ll come across some amazing stuff to make your pet’s and your manner of living healthy and carefree!

What exactly is Pet Therapy?

A managed/guided interaction between a person and a well trained animal is referred to as Pet Therapy. It may or may not involve an animal’s handler, depending upon the circumstances. The aim is to help a person cope or recuperate from an illness or mental disorder.

Before proceeding further and going into the details of products and services, it is important for our viewers to know the benefits of Pet Therapy. So let’s break it down into two categories; physical and psychological health.

  • Physical benefits : Scientifically, it has been proven that pet therapy helps to lower the blood pressure. Not only this, but it aids to improve your cardiovascular health. Apart from that, in order to generate a calming effect, pet therapy releases endorphins (oxytocin) and has been claimed to lower physical pain as well.
  • Psychological benefits : It has numerous psychological benefits such as it increases self esteem (great for all the extroverts out there!), increasing verbal community skills, promoting willingness to exercise (this one’s for people looking to lose some fat), decreasing loneliness and isolation by having a companion around, reducing boredom and anxiety etc.

Now that you’re well aware of Pet Therapy and its benefits, let’s check out some awesome products and services Wise Pets has to offer.

Wise Pets is a small yet motivated company expert in pet products.


How to become a customer at Wise Pets?

Unlike other online stores, Wise Pets offers an easy and simple process through which you can register yourself as a customer. All you have to do is click at the top right option of their website page which will lead you to your customer account. By entering a few minor personal details, you register yourself as a customer and… that’s it! Yes. That’s how easy it is to shop at Wise Pets.


Pet Products available at Wise Pets;

  1. Beds : For your pets to have a cosy environment and some nice afternoon sleep, Wise Pets bring you different types of beds at super affordable prices. Ranging from $27-$56, they have doubled sided beds, round plush beds and some comfy dog mat beds. These portable beds are best to have when it comes to pet therapy in schools and colleges. Since many colleges and universities bring pets to their campus to help students loosen up and relax right before their exams, these super cushy beds are a must to have. You can select the colour, size and quantity of your pet’s bed.
  2. Clothing : Wise Pets strive for you to have a memorable experience when it comes to buying clothes for your pets and that’s why their clothing range is not to be missed. Ranging from $13-$29, their clothing section has almost everything a pet owner can ask for. These include fashion dog jackets, cotton padded dog coats, adorable winter overcoats (exciting, isn’t it?), dog jumpsuits etc. For pet therapies that take place in hospitals, where delays can’t be afforded, they have a variety of pet raincoats to protect the animals from bad weather. They also present you with the facility to select your favourite colour, required size and quantity.
  3. Collars : Of course, the collars. No matter how trained your pets are, you would never compromise over the safety of others. For pet therapy involving animal’s handlers, Wise Pets have a collection of eco-friendly collars including leather, nylon, padded and cute dog floral collars. The price stretches from $11-$20. Just like other categories, they give you a chance to select colour, size and quantity of the collar.
  4. Leashes : Again, as safety of your family, colleagues and patients is your utmost priority, Wise Pets has durable, strong and secure leashes to offer. Ranging from only $18-$26, you can find heavy duty dog leash, hands free dog leash, tracking leash for training, double dog leash etc.
  5. Toys : Last but not the least, we know how much you like to pamper your pets and that’s why this online shopping website never fails to disappoint it’s customers when they come looking for toys for their pets. Many pet therapy agencies use toys to train their pets in order to stimulate their minds and remove their negative feelings. Pet owners themselves have claimed that these activities have proven to be an effective way to build a strong, healthy lifestyle between their children and their pets. The price varies from $12-$22.

Payment Method

They aim to offer efficient and approachable shipping facilities for their customers, no matter where they live. In contrast to many online stores, Wise Pets accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal and Apple Pay payments.


Shipping Strategy

Once you select your product and put in your credit card details, you will receive a confirmation email confirming your product details and personal information.

Shipping takes place via DHL/FedEx/Other Premium Courier. It takes around 5-10 days to ship products to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany,France and around 10-21 days for the rest of the world.

So what are you waiting for? Check out their website and get your hands on the best products for your pets till they get sold out. Feel free to leave your review after shopping from Wise Pets.

Happy Shopping!