Alexander Machkevitch is at the head of the ERG Board of Directors. As a leader, he tries to devote all of the company’s resources to improving working conditions, reducing possible costs, and increasing the level of productivity in enterprises. The businessman focuses on the need to transfer ERG to the Industry 4.0 platform and the importance of developing the Ecosystem for the population of Kazakhstan.


Explanations of Machkevitch on the transition to the Industry 4.0 platform

ERG is a huge corporation uniting large mining and processing enterprises under its supervision. Alexander Machkevitch says that it is no longer possible to deny the impact of Industry 4.0 on the economy as a whole and the operation of large industrial enterprises. It is important to correctly introduce all digital technologies into production to obtain the desired result.

The Smart Quarry program has been launched at the Kacharsky mine. IT allows specialists to obtain data on the operation of equipment in real-time and quickly analyze them. Thanks to this, productivity at the mine has already grown by 10%, and such technology will be gradually introduced at all ERG enterprises.

Machkevitch notes that the transition to the Industry 4.0 platform is fraught with certain risks, and this must be taken into account at each production site. The digitalization of all industrial processes can lead to the dismissal of many employees whose work will no longer be needed. To avoid this, managers should begin re-profiling personnel in advance, so people will save jobs.

The second point is the readiness to make mistakes that will be in the first stages of the introduction of digital technologies. Even with the digitalization of production, it is important to remember that the main asset of each company is its qualified employees. Artificial intelligence cannot completely replace them.


What is Ecosystem for the population of Kazakhstan

The businessman says that this project is aimed at developing and gradually introducing effective digital technologies that should help the development of small and medium-sized businesses in Kazakhstan. Thanks to such developments, it will be possible to create your own business ideas, find investors, and create new jobs.

All the data obtained can be used by Astana Hub participants, those who develop IT startups. ERG has launched the Ecosystem of Student Entrepreneurship. Its main goal is to improve the entrepreneurial climate in those regions where the group companies operate. ERG needs new ideas, young specialists who are ready to develop, implement, and even sell digital technologies outside of Kazakhstan. During the first year of the project, 5 000 students took part in it, and this figure is constantly increasing.