The world of information security is never boring. There is always something interesting going on and that is why there are thousands of blogs that cover information security. To keep up with the latest trends, it is important to read the right tech blogs. However, since there are so many information security and security researcher blogs, it can be overwhelming to find one that suits your interests. However, there is nothing to worry about because this post looks at the top 15 blogs that you should be reading in 2020.

Whether you are interested in the current security landscape or are a security professional, these cybersecurity blogs provide you with the best source of information online. You will be blown away by the content produced by these blogs. Whatever the reason for your interest in wanting to read a tech blog, you will want to bookmark these cybersecurity blogs and share them with your friends. Each blog offers value. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at the top 15 information security blogs.


  1. Jacob Riggs’ Blog

Jacob Riggs is a security researcher who is passionate about information security. His blog covers just about everything that you need to know about the security community and the latest trends. Information security consists of a myriad of fields and Jacob Riggs’ blog does a great job at breaking it down. Jacob has documented his experiences to help tech enthusiasts learn more about the field. The blog is a valuable resource that you can use to understand and learn new things. The main categories that you will find on the blog include tutorials, general posts, personal posts, and write-ups. Each of the categories will provide you with insight into the world of information security.

Learn about what to do if you have been hacked, how to validate file integrity using checksums, how PGP keys work, how to view documents safely, and so much more. You will not regret visiting Jacob Riggs’ blog.

  1. Krebs on Security

Another popular information security blog that you need to know about is Krebs on Security. It has quickly become one of the most influential blogs out there. Brian Krebs is the author behind the site and he is considered to be a cybersecurity legend. Krebs is a famous investigative journalist who loves to discuss cyber crime and computer security. He was even named the Person of the Year in 2019 by CISO Mag Cybersecurity.

Although Krebs does not have a formal technical background, he developed an obsession for cyber security after getting hacked twice by a Lion worm. He has not stopped since. Having worked for the Washington Post as a journalist, Krebs started publishing investigative series in 2009 where he uncovered high-profile data breaches, cybercrime groups, and the latest cyber threats.

Due to his high standing in the industry, Krebs has had access to vital resources that have allowed him to even take down some of the most coveted hacker groups. Krebs also discovered large data breaches such as the one that affected Target, Adobe, Home Depot, Goodwill, and many others. His expertise on the dark web has helped to users learn about the sophistication of cybercrime groups and emerging threats. When you visit his blog, you will learn about cybercriminals and their tactics.

  1. Schneier on Security

Considered to be a rockstar in the security industry, Bruce Schneier runs the famous blog, Schneier on Security. It is one of the best information security blogs out there. Bruce is a renowned security commentator, critic, and professional. Having authored tens of books including “Applied Cryptography”, Bruce is a legend. His latest book “Security and Survival in a Hyper-Connected World” is a must-read.

Schneier on Security started out back in 2004 and it has been actively run ever since. Bruce is an unapologetic security critic and this is why readers cannot seem to get enough of his blog. He covered the post 9/11 TSA era when he critiqued the TSA for creating such a state of panic. A great thing about the blog is that there is a new post daily. You will find cybersecurity news, future speaking engagements, academic papers, essays, commentary, and more on the blog.

  1. Daniel Miessler

People, technology, and security are the three things that Daniel Miessler is known for. Having an experience of more than 20 years in the field of information security, Daniel has written plenty of articles on the topic. He has covered tech tutorials, creativity, philosophical pieces, and learning. His weekly newsletter covering amazing blogs, podcasts, and books in the industry are a must-subscribe.

The reason why Daniel’s blog is such a big hit is because it covers so many topics and carefully intersects them while discussing security issues. There is no doubt that Daniel Miessler is leader in his field. He has offered valuable critiques and insights into different theories. His piece on security by obscurity is a favorite among readers.

When you visit the blog, you can choose to read from four different categories which include Info-Sec, Tech, Philosophy, and Creativity. Each post is unique and fun to read. Readers find his posts to be thought-provoking as his philosophical style of writing deals with tech issues in a fundamental way. Add Daniel Miessler to your list of blogs to read in 2020.

  1. Zero Day/ ZDNet

A security blog that everyone cannot stop speaking about is Zero Day. It is a security blog by ZDNet. If you are looking for fresh information and the latest news related to information security and cyber security, it is the blog that you need to visit. What makes it stand out is the fact that the blog provides readers with 24/7 coverage of the security and technology news. Thus, whenever something happens in the world of information security, you should head over to Zero Day to learn about it.

Regardless of your role in IT, there is something for everyone on the site. You can read the blog to stay updated about the breaking news on new software, emerging technology trends, new active threats, newly discovered vulnerabilities, data breaches, and more. It is the blog that you never knew that you needed to read.

  1. Troy Hunt

Troy Hunt is a cybersecurity legend. The Australian security expert is also a regional director at Microsoft and has been named as the most valued professional at the company for developer security. Chances are that you might have seen Troy in the press discussing the biggest data leaks. Have I Been Pawned is a blog that has given him worldwide recognition. It is a public service to those that have been impacted by a data breach.

Besides writing on Have I Been Pawned, Troy can also be found writing on his blog. He provides weekly updates about new tech, information regarding his work, news about private workshops, conferences he has attended, his security experiences, analysis of data breaches, and much more.

  1. Threat Post

Threat Post is a popular blog in the field of information security. It has become an authority that people tend to rely on for security news. Learn about the latest news covering hacks, vulnerabilities, phishing scams, breaches, and major security threats by visiting the site. Viewers will also get to learn about privacy, IoT, mobile security, cloud security, and malware on the blog. The best thing about the blog is that you can consume content in a number of ways such as by listening to podcasts, watching videos, reading reports, and sifting through blog posts. The award-winning editorial team at Threat Post have made the site a leader in reporting about everything concerning cybersecurity.

  1. Security Trails

Security Trails is a blog that provides no-fluff blog posts twice a week. The posts share new tips, provide you with occasional spot of fun, and allow you to learn something new. The blog shares its opinion on security theories, cybersecurity myths, and shares tips so that you can learn to protect yourself in an ever-changing threat landscape. Read the latest posts every Tuesday and Thursday.

  1. Dark Reading

Dark Reading is a beloved blog that is dedicated to information security. It is one of the most trusted sites on the internet. The blog covers just about every topic from reports on endpoint security and data breaches to cloud, threat intelligence, perimeter security, IoT, and more. Every week, there is a new blog that discusses the latest trends. The blog does not over-saturate its feed which means that each post is carefully crafted to cover each and every topic. Users can also find content in the form of discussion boards, story discussions, radio shows, and live chats.

  1. Wired

Wired is a name that needs no introduction. It is an online publication that has been around for quite some time. It reports on security and technology as well as global politics and more. Although the blog does not post content daily, it covers emerging threats, cybercrime, security, and offers insights into the field. You can also read about AI, transportation, gear, culture, and business on the blog. What makes Wired unique is that it is not specifically geared towards people that are interested in security and IT. The site always includes amazing graphics. Wired has a long history and continues to play an important role in the industry. Hence, it had to be included in this post.

  1. CSO

CSO is a blog that is more geared towards enterprise security. The blog focuses on covering the latest topics in the industry and how they impact businesses. It is known for its awesome commentary on enterprise security practices, cloud computing, post-breach analysis, application security, top cybersecurity conferences, critical infrastructure, risk management, and more. At its core, the site aims to provide enterprises with the information they need to make decisions related to security.

  1. Digital Guardian

Digital Guardian was launched back in 2013. The blog provides crucial information about threat research and data protection. Similar to its main service, the blog looks at how corporations can prevent data theft, cloud applications, mobile devices, and more.

Besides just the latest news, the blog also provides insightful articles, weekly news round-ups, and infographics. Chris Brook also covers the cybersecurity section. Thus, you should check it out if you are interested in data security.

  1. Graham Cluley

Having worked as a programmed in the industry back in the 90s, Gram Cluley is an industry leader. His personal blog was launched in 2009 and has quickly amassed a huge following. The blog ranks at the top. It even earned Graham a spot at the Info-Security Europe Hall of Fame. The security blog covers just about everything you could possibly think of. It has been quoted by numerous tech publications such as the Telegraph, IT Week, Computer Weekly, and more. In addition to news articles, the blog even features videos and podcasts that you can check out to learn about trending topics.

  1. The Hacker News

Boasting a monthly viewership of more than five million, The Hacker News is another popular information security blog that tech fans seem to love. It also has more than 3 million followers on social media. Therefore, it has legitimized its claim as a leader in the industry. The blog provides tech news daily to its users. So, if you are a tech enthusiast, you should definitely check it out.

  1. Global Sign

Finally, Global Sign is a blog that started out in 2012. It has experienced exponential growth in traffic and subscribers. There is a reason why tech enthusiasts love the blog. Check out the latest analysis on tech trends and learn about security updates on the blog. You will not regret it. It also covers technical how to-dos and more.



Now that you have gone over this post, you can bookmark 15 new information security blogs for your reading list in 2020. Each blog is unique and has a lot to offer. Make sure to regularly read the blogs to know about the latest trends.