Suppose you hired a digital marketing team and you are discussing with them you may find yourself lost as the marketers use buzzwords when explaining your campaign and you do not understand what those buzzwords really mean?

This is why you need to familiarize yourself with common marketing terms as they are used quite often, and if you are the decision maker, you should understand what it is you are looking at, agreeing to, or even looking for.



It stands for search engine optimization and it is the manner in which we optimize for Google’s algorithm.

SEO involves optimizing your business’s website for searches by using keywords, meta-tags and other information that search engines require in order to rank your site in the right searches. SEO services are widely offered around the world, including SEO services in Singapore.


Customer Journey

The consumer’s purchase journey is longer than you might think.

People don’t usually purchase products or services after the first click it’s much more complicated than that and its one of the most important things to understand when designing a digital marketing strategy.



Omni-channel marketing involves creating a coherent online presence that reaches customers wherever they’re browsing.



Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to automated processes performed by a machine that is designed to operate in ways that mimic human intelligence.

For example, a chatbot, using Google assistant on your iPhone.

Marketers often use AI because it enables them to efficiently process data without human action. Automated processes allow businesses to cut costs, boost productivity, and deliver better customer experience with minimal efforts.



Analytics is the process of measuring and assessing the metrics and KPIs for your business. For example, marketers should track the open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates for all email marketing campaigns.

Keeping track of channel statistics like these is vital to managing a budget, monitoring business performance, and optimizing processes.


Marketing Automation

This refers to using software that allows you to automate recurring tasks.

There are many types of Marketing Automation platforms, but the more common ones can help you manage social media (scheduling of posts, gaining metrics), e-blasts or email drip campaigns, CRM that is lead nurturing, sales cycle monitoring etc.

Taking routine tasks off your shoulders give you the chance to focus on more pressing issues. It’s always a bonus when your automation platform provides metrics!



Pay Per Click (PPC) is a method in which you buy ads with prominent placement on either a social media platform, webpage or search engine.

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