The New PARiM Workforce Software: Better Management of Contingent Labor

PARiM Workforce Software offers affordable tools for managing contingent labor. We are excited to showcase our working time compliance technology to the wider public as it helps small businesses tap into the growing contingent labor pool.

Contingent workers make up close to 40% of the entire US workforce. That number is increasing.

Yet, as a rule, smaller firms have limited access to tools for managing an atypical workforce. Access to similar software costs tens of thousands of dollars per annum. Thus small businesses fail to take advantage of opportunities for growth. Struggling to find their way through the technological maze.

Excel sheets, Facebook groups or other ad-hoc ways to get by are not ideal for contingent labor. They’re not effective nor completely legal for providing schedules for people who work part-time.

This places big business at an advantage as they have the resources to buy expensive tools. While smaller ones stagnate as the marketplace moves towards atypical staffing. Thus larger firms can be more nimble and productive.

As for workers, they would rather avoid larger firms but they have little choice. Would you rather be a warehouse worker pissing in a bottle or a work from time-to-time at a local cafe or festival?


The answer is easy. But there are complications.

Managers are cautious and want a professional tool to handle that process. It is scary to go from working with people experienced in your field to people new to the field for a part-time role.

To handle the situation firms may choose to use simpler scheduling software. Yet, cheap software solutions available for SMBs are built for full-time workers. E.g. most non-enterprise software offers shift swapping or trading which is attractively easy but becoming illegal across the globe. It places workers at the mercy of last moment changes to schedules and creates stress.

PARiM provides a better approach. We offer features such as working hours monitoring or scheduling automation in an affordable package. So everyone can take advantage of the latest tech.

About PARiM: PARiM is a global growth company in the field of workforce software. We aim to reduce the total cost of workforce software from tens of thousands of dollars to mere hundreds


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