If you have no blog for your business, you should leave the internet. A blog is no longer a luxury. As you will realize, a blog is more valuable than any other page on your website. Can someone write my dissertation for me? Yes, hire a professional writer to help you free more time to learn about blogging and other tricks to make money while in college. 

The need for a blog cuts across businesses selling goods and those offering services. Even professionals will make major strides online by simply establishing a blog. Here are reasons why you need a blog for your business. 

Take the thought leadership position 

A blog helps you to share content about the industry without focusing on sales. From a marketing perspective, people are not always buying. They interact with brands for a while before buying. A blog will help you to be considered first when a visitor is making the buying decision. 

Here is how thought-leadership works. As you share the content, you enter into their subconscious mind. When they need to buy, you will be the first point of call. The blogs help you to be first on queue when it is time to buy. 

Build trust 

Marketers opine that people interact with brands up to seven times before trusting them enough to buy. A blog is the perfect platform to increase interaction and build trust. You take it a notch higher by sharing content related to the items or services your readers could be looking for. 

Blogs also allow you to engage with your readers and visitors. As you answer their questions and they comment on your blog, the bond begins to form. They trust your word, and by extension your products and services. Such trust is difficult to build on an ordinary website. 

Increase visibility 

A blog will keep you in the limelight longer than other pages on your website. As people read content on the page, they are directed to others on the same website. Further, you share blog posts on social media or through email. 

Blogs are the best when you need to boost your visibility because the content on these pages change. Other pages are static. For instance, the home page always contains information on what you offer. Once you share the page once, you do not need to share it again. Sharing again would, in fact, attract backlash because it does not add any value. Consider every blog as an opportunity to shine light on your brand. 

Boost your SEO

Ranking on search engines depends on so many factors, most of which can only be provided by a blog. To begin with, other pages on your website can be optimized. You add keywords and rich content that will be captured by search engines. However, your journey with SEO ends there. Such pages will only be effective in SEO for a few days. 

A blog is different. It is the singular page that will offer consistent SEO benefits. Here are some of the ways a blog boosts your SEO ranking. 

  • Optimized content- the articles you add onto your blog should be optimized. Add the latest keywords in the industry to capture the attention of search engines and organic traffic. It is impossible to constantly change content on other pages as much as you would do on a blog. 
  • Increased traffic- blogs bring the most traffic to a website. As people rush to read through your article, they generate traffic. They also share the content to friends and associates, helping you to generate more traffic. Search engines read such traffic to mean that you are running a valuable website. 
  • Fresh content- search engines favor new content. Blogs offer a chance to renew your content each day. The content will make the website more competitive and visible unlike a ‘Services’ or ‘Contact Us’ page that you cannot renew each day. 
  • Link building- use the articles on the blog to build internal and external links. Internal likes keep visitors within the website for longer hours. External links boost the credibility of your website. 
  • Social media connection- sharing content on social media is a huge SEO factor. You can share a blog each day because it comes with new information. Traffic from social media will boost your SEO profile. 
  • Engagement- you can engage your followers and potential clients on blogs than any other platform. They can leave comments and form communities right under your nose. Such activities count during search engine ranking. 

A blog helps you to make major SEO steps unlike the other pages whose content is static. All you need is to keep the blog updated and learn the latest SEO tricks.

Generate traffic

Use the blog to generate and direct traffic to your website. The only way people will know about your website is through ads or when you share it on email and social media. However, such techniques are a turn-off and appear forceful. A few blogs will bring them to your website voluntarily. As they read through the articles, they will come across your products and services. It is now up to you to convert the traffic into sales. 

Create limitless shareable content 

In the current age of social media, sharable content is extremely valuable. However, people will not share your Contact Us or Services page for the sake of it. An indirect way of getting visitors to share your website is using a blog. 

Produce high quality content that everyone will want to share with a friend. You must also call readers to action by telling them to share the content with friends. As readers share the content, more people will know about your services. The blog becomes a new sales funnel. 

A blog will help you to standout as a professional. You build trust because you are offering crucial information without demanding for sales. The fact that you are providing new information regularly is a great plus for your business. Without a blog, these benefits would be lost.