What is marketing?

Marketing is a field that is concerned with the formation of plans and strategies to advertise and promote the products or services to make the consumer aware of the availability of your product in the market. It is the process of making a product or service appealing or sellable to the customers and is the heart of any business firm as this is the field that helps the primary function of business, that is selling products or services in exchange of money. It is a field that is of utmost importance to any business firms as it is used to promote, advertise and form other plans to attract, keep, create, and satisfy customers in order to sell their products or services.

There are several types of marketing used to build a brand name and establish the business organization and its products or services in the market. There are several techniques of marketing used to create a brand image.

Marketing is basically used to form strategies and plans to penetrate the market, compete with the rivals, attract and retain the customers. It also allows in decision making and understanding the threats and opportunities for the business organizations. It is a field without which the business organization cannot continue its functions and operations, thus the marketing managers and specialist are always on high demand, and the schools, colleges and universities providing the degrees in the field of marketing are available everywhere.

Getting into the field of marketing mostly requires the knowledge and skills to be a good and effective marketer, thus degree program can help in providing the much needed knowledge and skills required to get into the field of marketing. An online degree in marketing can be as valuable as the traditional on-campus degree, thus the students who prefer online education can search for the online Marketing degrees to get the idea about the curriculum and the structure of the degree program, helping the students to make a decision regarding the selection of the marketing degree program.

Various Concepts of Marketing

Marketing is a field that consists of a lot of tools, strategies, and theories that can be applied in real life to help the business establish its name in the market. There are several different concepts of marketing and few concepts of marketing are listed below.

  • Production Concept- This is one of the oldest concepts of marketing which states that customer will buy and favor products that are easily available and costs less. It is a concept that focuses on making the products available to the customers in abundance and low costs, and the concept leads to marketing myopia.
  • Product Concept- This is a concept of marketing that believes that the consumers or customers prefer products that are of the highest quality, performance, and has a lot of features.
  • Selling Concept- It states that the customers or consumers will not buy enough of the products manufactured by the company, so the concept offers aggressive selling to sell the products that they make, rather than making the products that are in demand or need of the market.
  • Marketing Concept- This concept states that understanding the need and requirements of the consumers and customers, and producing according to those needs and wants to satisfy the customer demands. It believes in ‘customers first’ approach.
  • Societal Marketing Concept- This is a marketing concept that prioritizes the social benefits, over the customer needs and companies requirements.

Types of Marketing

There are more than 150 types of marketing and the various types of marketing are used to promote different kinds of products and services. The major types of marketing are mentioned below.

  • Direct Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Guerilla Marketing
  • Cause Marketing
  • Multi-level Marketing
  • Visual Marketing
  • Umbrella Marketing

Career Aspects in Marketing

Marketing is a wide field which is required in every type of business firm and various different sectors, thus providing the marketing students a chance to work in various kinds of fields or settings. When it comes to marketing education, there are Business Schools, Colleges and Universities present all over the world in abundance, and selecting the best colleges out of so many colleges can be hectic, even in the online educational platform. Thus to make it easier, you can look at the list of the online marketing colleges where you can get all the information regarding the top colleges providing marketing degrees, that will help in selection of college to pursue higher education, based on the preferences of the students.

Few jobs and career paths available for the marketing students are as follows.

  • Content marketing manager
  • Digital marketing manager
  • Digital brand manager
  • Internet marketing coordinator
  • Content writer
  • Brand manager


Marketing is one of the most important fields of study in today’s competitive market. A business needs various marketing strategies to survive in the market, and establish its brand, attract, retain customers, and provide customer satisfaction. All this can be achieved with a sound marketing plan. The field of marketing offers wide variety of jobs and career opportunities for the students.